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Monday, 28 May 2018

New Dimension to Rape in Benue: Story of Blessing Stuck with a Herdsmen’s Stick in her Vagina

By Ukan Kurugh - May 27, 2018 

25 years old Blessing is a house wife and mother of two. On Saturday, 26th May, 2018, she alongside her husband, Akaanger, was attacked by armed herdsmen in Yogbo, the Guma Local Government Area.
Her story unlike hundreds of Benue women whose stories have been changed to victims of rape by Fulani herdsmen, the herdman’s rod became the manhood that was used in raping her.

Succinctly put, the herdsmen that attacked them while they were closing from their farm used the stick that is ordinarily meant for the control of their herds to work on her birth canal.

Now, Blessing, who was brought to Bishop Murray Medical Centre by men of the joint security agencies operating in the area is lying helpless at the medical facility as her farmer husband could not afford the medical bill of Fifty Sixty Thousand, Nine Hundred and Seventy Naira only.

When I visited the medical facility, Blessing told me: “I was closing from the farm with my husband when we were attacked by three Fulani herdsmen. My husband was leading the way while I followed from behind. They pursued us as my husband and I took our separate ways. They couldn’t find my husband and followed me, arrested me, beat me, insert their rod in my vagina and left it there. I tried and removed it. I was rescued by soldiers but I lost my two months pregnancy. We live at Yogbo. I have two kids.”

The husband, Akaanger Ato from Utyondu, Mbabai, Guma LGA of Benue State who is thankful to the soldiers for rescuing his wife said he thought he would not meet her alive when he heard her screaming.

He said he didn’t imagine that the Fulani who came to graze in their village would attack them. “Those with cattle had left and the others left behind: Two of them had rifles, one with stick. As we approached them they opened fire. I ran in my direction while she run in her direction. They aimed at me forgetting my wife and when they saw that they will lost both of us they followed my wife. I heard her scream and said to myself that I thought I will leave with my wife but now couldn’t? I reported to the soldiers who are in the village and together with them we moved to the point of the incidence. As we approached, we saw her as she struggled out of the spot. I was actually going to pick her dead body but I met her alive.

“I don’t have the money for the bills. Agwai (Fulani) have finished with me long ago. Am a dead corps. Now I want to see her parents how they can help. Where we are living now, there is even no food. When I was leaving well I used to farm 20s of ten lines (100 lines of heaps). I have seven children from three wives,” Akaanger said.

A nurse at the hospital who refused to be named said Blessing was brought in by her husband along soldiers. “The soldiers dropped their numbers. They said she was attacked by the Fulani and were in the haste to go back. The husband said they were attacked by the Fulani who inserted something in her vagina. Her husband couldn’t pay for anything but card. She has been admitted and is due for operation today. She is yet to pay her bills so we have little to do,” the nurse said.

Blessing has been left at our mercy. We can’t wear out in helping because every life is precious and matters. We have been pained by the hundreds we have lost and we are fortunate to find her alive save that she is in pains.

Let’s show her love and contribute for the doctors to revive her as the cost for the operation as the nurses showed me in her file is put at N56,900. Nothing is too small. Counting on you always to touch lives for God.

For help, contact me Ukan Kurugh on 08069082285 or

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