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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Man Shocked after discovering girlfriend’s marriage on social media

A man with the twitter handle @AlexanderRuyi, took to Twitter to express how his friend who had a misunderstanding with his girlfriend discovered that the lady had got married without informing him that their relationship had ended.

They were both trying to settle their issue, only for him to find out through an Instagram post that she is now married, the friend claimed.
Ruyi claimed that there was no break-up text, no ‘don’t ever speak to me, or call.’ “Nothing. Just marriage pictures on Instagram,” he claimed.
Ruyi also claimed that his shocked was still paying the erstwhile girlfriend’s bills during the time of their misunderstanding.
Here are the tweets detailing the incident:
So my friend doesn’t talk to his babe for a minute because they were trying to sort out some issues and this morning we check Instagram and guys, she is now married!! Like no break up text, no don’t ever speak to me call, nothing! Just marriage pictures on IG

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