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Friday, 9 February 2018

Style Friday: Ripped Jeans and Platform Shoes

C'mon who doesn't own at least three pairs of jeans,  right?  If you don't have a pair or two of distressed jeans also known as ripped jeans in your closet then you're missing. They are stylish and a must have. 

RIPPED JEANS and Platform Heels 

Ripped Jeans gives you that fun look. A perfect pair of distressed jeans don't need much efforts to make the look fabulous.
Platform shoes are on a trend now. The right pair of laced up platform heels will make you look amazing.
I am pairing my blue ripped jeans with a pair laced up platform heels.

Styled by: Mandy S.  Kaunan
Model:  Mandy S.  Kaunan
Photography: The guy next door 🙄🙄😀😀

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