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Friday, 12 January 2018

Photos; BENUE BURIES 73: SAYS Enough IS Enough.

Yesterday was a black Thursday in benue as 73 innocent citizens were laid to rest from an attack on them by armed Fulani militia.

A Requiem mass was organised for them in honour of the departed Heros.
In his opening remarks, Governor Ortom welcomed all dignitaries who came from far and near to mourn with the state. He particularly appreciated the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress  APC,  the representative of the united nations,  the clergy as well as media outfits present to cover the event.

Those who spoke at the ocassion includes.


"As the spiritual father of Benue,  i am giving the federal government an aultomatum of two weeks to end the Benue killings or we shall mobolize our boys to defend themselves,  i hate no tribe,  i hate no fulani,  i hate no tiv but enough is enough,  how terrible it feels for an enemy to come into your home,  rape your wife,  kill her, slain your children, we a are no longer going to allow anybody to come on the television with threat messages on us again. Take this message to the president,  ortom is doing exactly what we have asked him to do,  end the Benue killings now"


"I am emotional at the moment,  we are peaceful people,  we have been pushed to wall enough . The anti grazing bill had passed through all the necessary stages,  it was eventually passed,  it is quite provocative for someone to seat some where in nigeria and vow never to respect the law,  Gov Ortom! we appreciate your peace approach but enough is enough,  kindness is not stupidity,  humility is not cowardice,  we can no longer take it, enough is enough,  may the good lord bless benue.
Any more attack,  we will react, react and react"


"I want to align with elder paul unongo who said: Benue has contributed to the building of this country and her unity.
In1958 the first northerner to have a  university certificate  was from Benue
If a situation comes for benue to raise a nunber of army,  i dont mind even at my age, i promise to lead the army.
Yesterday i read a statement from a neigboring governor who said,  the attacks are coming because of the established Anti Open Grazing Law.  When Agatu was attacked, was this law in place?
We can no longer accept any more killings,
May the souls of the failthful departed rest with the lord amen"


"My dear people of benue,  death and its lessons have brought us here,  our rights to life has been violated, if you are a normal person why do you kill,  only terrorists kill the way it's happening to us in Benue,  these people have died so we can live,  it is our duty to make sure they have not died in vain.
When these killings took place,  all of us from the national assembly in benue, met in my house and we communicated through a letter to the representative of mr president. We demanded that the leadership of miyeti allah who made threat statements should be prosecuted.
These fulani terrorists that carry arms,  how do they cross the police and military check points.

We voted massively for change but we have been short changed

Myself and Gemade met with mr president last week and we complained a number of issues to him,  he promised to look into the matter and act fast. He also promised to give more appointments/infrastructure as well as ensuring peace reigns in Nigeria.
like Bishop Avenya said,  even if you are slapped on one chick you should turn the other side to be slapped  as well.  we are peace loving people and we will continue to be"


"I wish to condole the people of Benue over your lost, these killings have violated the United Nations right to life,  the perpetrators must be brought to justice,  human right principles have been abused.
We are going to make sure that these 73  killing are going to be the last"


"First we appreciate the almight God,  the one who has the powers to give life And to take life,  i appreciate  the benue state Government to have organised this event.
I am going to speak in the capacity of the chairman council of chiefs in benue.
The 73 corpses are just a few out of the number of persons murdered.

I want to draw the entire world's attention that what is happening to us is not only from benue, but Nasarawa,  Taraba etc,  it is a agenda for ethnic cleansing.
The agenda of unity,  and peace,  has united Benue,  we are glad that God is watching, the international community is also watching and someday,  some questions will be raised.

 I want to use this opportunity on behalf of the Benue council of chiefs to pray that God should comfort the bereaved families.
And to our Governor,  stand firm! The entire Benue is behind you.

 i want an end to these killings, God bless you all"


"I am a sad man today.  I speak with a heavy heart for a day like this,  which is a day for the mass burial for 73 of my loved ones,  others have been buried.

Let it be known, that what ever affect the citizens of Benue will be taken seriously by these Government.
We are not in doubt as to the agenda for this attacks.
The statement from miyeti Allah that what provocated this killings was a result of the 1000 killings of their cows is not just a lie but also imagination far from reality.
I wish to communicate to these people to let them know, that a goat doesn't bite,  but when it's  pushed to the wall it can bite,  enough is enough.

I want to challenge, that if anyone has any better solution to this predicament,  let such a person bring it to the table. For us as a people ranching remains the solution.

Let me caution the entire citizens of Benue not to engage in repraisal attacks, we have raised an alarm to the entire world and its our collective believe, that these people will be arrested.

We pray for the injured,  who are recuperating in several hospitals,  Finally

Good bye our Son terkaa, our son at age of 4 you were slaughtered.

Good bye Sarrah, our pregnant mother who was murdered.

may God himself comfort us"
Source: Comrade Mike Msuaan

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