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Friday, 13 October 2017

You Are Not Gonna BELIEVE Who Blac Chyna Is Dating Now, the Kardashians Are Gonna Go Gaga!

This JIST is going to SHOCK and shake the Kardashian world.
According to multiple sources close to the situation – Blac Chyna is now dating . . .

Khloe Kardashian’s EX-HUSBAND Lamar.

Here’s what our snitch is saying: “Lamar always had a crush on Chyna, but Chyna never acted on it. They’ve been bonding over all the f*ck sh*t the Kardashians have done to them. Now they’re dating.”
And it gets better. We’re told that Lamar and Chyna plan on TEAMING UP – and bring the entire Kardashian EMPIRE DOWN.
This sounds exciting . . . for everyone except Lamar’s girlfriend Maddie. She’s on Snapchat BLASTING Chyna.
Here’s Maddy with Lamar:

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