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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Former BBA Housemate Mumba Mwakwa Mourns her friend and daughter murdered for making a Facebook post

Last week I posted a story about a lady that was shot dead with her two year old daughter by her boyfriend, who was angry about her Facebook post, if you missed it read here. It appears the the murdered lady was a close friend of the former BBA housemate Mamba.

Mamba took to her Facebook page to bid her friend good bye , as she is laid to rest today.

Today, we put u our sister, mother, daughter, and friend to rest... Never to see that beautiful smile again , never will we ever hear your voice again...
It is so so hard to believe you are i saw you at work just the other day, as usual being your bubbly self, and today, you are no is so painful as to how your life has been cut short, just like that, you are gone😭😭... 
We all have the right to life and to live life to the fullest..No one deserves to go like this.. No one has the right to take the life of another or take the law into their own hands... lives are  being  lost owing to victimization ,violence in homes, relationships, etc we need not lose anymore lives further..we need to fight this rising violence through reporting this to the police, the church, family; education ; counseling and mentorship, and i guess just by being there more for one another... Change may not happen over night, but by trying we can make a difference in ending this kind violence and victimization..
Precious, farewell.. Until then, rest in eternal peace🙁....may justice prevail...

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