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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

"My Life is Miserable as a Fugitive" Help me Plead with Her; Man Who Breaks wife Leg in a Domestic Abuse Cries Out from Hidding

In September 2016, a mother of three, Ivie Edobor, took to social media to accuse her estranged  husband, John Edobor, of physically attacking her after their marriage crashed. She accused him of organizing a group of area boys to join him in brutally assaulting her and breaking her legs in the process. Edobor for a long time failed to admit his wrong actions. He was sacked from his bank job and fled to the US where he said he is currently living as a fugitive as his visa has been revoked.

He has realized his mistake and has sent out a public aplogy to his wife and mother of his children. He accused his mistress of deceiving him and causing him to fight with his wife. Continue to read the apology he sent to LIB as well as documents he attached
Dear LIB,

This may come as a surprise but I'm writing this because I need help.

My name is John Okeikhan Edobor former husband to Ivie Edobor. I have offended my wife and children dearly. The repacaution of my actions is catching up with me thus my being in hiding since March in the United States. Please tell her I'm sorry and I am ready to make amends to right all my wrongs.
In my defence I had said a lot of things but that was to take the attention off what I did. I'm now living as a fugitive. I don't know what pushed me this far. Ivie gave me all the time in the world to make amends but my pride wouldn't let me. I was so blinded by my relationship with my then mistress I lost sight of the diamond I had. Yes we had our differences but no woman would have taken all the pain Ivie went through because of me. She has raised my 3 daughters singlehandedly. I know my first daughter should be graduating from primary school now and I cannot be there to share in the joy.

I have lost my job, my wife and my children because of my act of violence. Ivie supported my family and I for a long time hence my wanting her back. When she wouldn't come back to me and insisted on a divorce my anger led me to lay ambush and attack her that night but truly I didn't expect the injury to be so bad I only wanted to scare her. I was so infuriated I got angry and struck her repeatedly on the leg.

Please help me plead with her. I was so afraid of going to jail and my mistress Orezime Jockey of Mamaray global assisted me to relocate to the United States. I thought I was home free but Ivie wrote to the embassy telling them about the case on ground and how I jumped bail and my visa has been revoked. My life is hell now as I am now a fugitive living in hiding with no job or source of income.

Please plead with Ivie for me to drop the charges in criminal court and allow our families settle us amicably.

I am unable to come out in public. Who knows if she won't involve Interpol at this rate.

Ivie please forgive me, I will pay for all the damages to her leg, I will take up responsibility for the children if given the chance. I apologise for the lies and slander. Please forgive me my life is in ruins. My mistress Orezime deceived me.


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