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Saturday, 1 July 2017

I Celebrate my Son LuseTor @ 5 - Photos

You are 5years today LuseTor 

It sounds like such a big boy age.  June 27th, 2012 seems like just yesterday! It seems like  yesterday you were learning to walk, talk and navigate this crazy thing called life. More pics after the cut......

You are still such a joy. You delight in figuring out things, you hate loosing and your intelligence constantly astounds me. I can never remember what kids are “supposed” to know and be able to do at this age, but regardless, you make me so very proud.

You are sensitive.  You don’t like to disappoint me and are quick to apologize once you know you're wrong LuseTor. 😍

You are full of energy and zest. Running is still a pleasure for you. You’re figuring out football and you’ve mastered your bicycle 🚲 riding, doing legs-off the pedal skill for mummy and your Aunties to see. You are eager to try new things. 

You have fallen in love with Ninja Turtles, the Lion Guard, PJ Mask and Power Rangers (much to my dismay) and you still love to play games on my phone.  Candy crush, happy elephant (fruity crush) and Car racing are some of your favorites.

You love your school and your grade at your current 'PACE' are excellent.  You are starting to do basic addition. Spelling words and attempting to read everything you lay your hands on. You have delegated yourself to be the one to Pray every night before bed, you memorize your bible verses and recite them at home. You have memorized my phone numbers and address in case of an emergency and now sing it like a song, you know your State, local government and ward and you are figuring out how to spell your friends’ names. When you have play dates with  Gairi, Maina, Micheal and Nini you and your friends play good guy/bad guy bouncing between multiple super heroes and Power Rangers until one of you cries NO MORE.

You have a big year ahead, my darling LuseTor McPaul Azua Mtwem Gbaka orMbadede, OrMbaakune, Anye-Ukuna!  A year with lots of changes. But no matter what comes your way, I know you will flourish and prosper.  Thank you for taking me on this journey with you. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Sometimes I just wanna cry because I can't give you all you ask for, but if I could ask for a wish, it will be to be the best mother, friend and supper hero to you my son.

Happy 5th Birthday LuseTor!! May you live a long, happy, healthy, fulfilled, abundant, prosperous life doing what you love & living out all of your dreams.

I want the world to know how proud I am of the little man you are growing into and that as your mother I stand beside you with all that you choose to do. Mummy love, adores and cherish you every minute she breaths. 

Your celebration comes up tomorrow in your school, I am looking forward to it. Happy birthday 🎈 once again son.

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