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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Press Statement by Benue Renaissance Forum on Grand Plan to Smear SA to Benue State Governor on MDGs, NEPAD and Development Corporations

Tuesday, 20th June, 2017.

Our attention has been drawn to a grand plan by some enemies of Benue State brandishing themselves as coalition of civil society organisations to petition and protest against the milestone achievements recorded by the office of the adviser to the Benue State Governor on MDGs, NEPAD and Development Corporations, under the leadership of Dr. Magdalyn Dura.
According to our findings, the persons behind this plot are individuals who have constituted themselves as merchants of blackmail going about to intimidate public servants with fictitious claims of corruption with the aim to extorting monies from such officials.

We find it worrisome that the various security agencies have not investigated the activities of these persons who have failed to engage in meaningful economic ventures but taking blackmail as a source of livelihood. Suffice to say that this latest ploy by these faceless individuals to intimidate the brain behind the achievements in Benue State under SDGs that has won accolades from all strata of the society has exposed them as enemies of development and the society in general.

It is on record that projects executed to improve the livelihood of the Benue people are dotted in every part of the state. From health, education, sanitation to economic empowerment, the footprints of SDGs are everywhere for all to see. Although, we are in the era of politicking where praises and criticism are chiefly done based on political leaning, but the giant strides recorded by SDGs under two years have been praised by most Benue people irrespective of political party affiliation.

The office of the Special Adviser on Development Cooperation, SDGs and NEPAD has been able to extensively intervene in health through the construction of 42 fully equipped modern Primary Health Care Centres with referral vehicles and drugs.

In education, classroom blocks have been constructed and steel framed desks and benches as well as exercise books have been supplied to all schools in 6 participating Local Government Areas of the state (LGAs) including Agatu, Ohimini, Oju, Ushongo, Gboko and Tarka.

Indeed, SDGs under Dr Dura has constructed and installed machinery for the Orange Cleaning and Packaging Plant in Ushongo and Yandev towns. The Soybeans Cleaning and Packaging Plant in Wannune Tarka, the Benniseed Cleaning and Packaging Plant in Oju, and Garri Processing Plants In Ogwule Kaduna and Ogoli Onyangede in Agatu and Ohimini Local Government Areas respectively with the attendant effects of boosting the local economy and to gainfully engage our people thereby also reducing unemployment and crime amongst several other interventions. 

That is why we find it most irresponsible and irritating for any sane being(s) to contemplate any move to dent the image of Dr. Dura who has overtime stood on the part of grassroots and human development. We are convinced by this move that certain persons have sworn to ensure that Benue State is not identified with anything positive but negative.

As indigenes of the state, we have resolved not to stay aloof anymore and allow these real enemies of ours to continue to determine how we are viewed in the country and beyond. Therefore, we will mobilise all well meaning sons and daughters of Benue at home and in the Diaspora to stand up for this one good thing we all have attested to. No one can feign ignorance over the people oriented works done by SDGs under Dr Dura.

We will therefore follow through with the obnoxious plans of these blackmail merchants to expose them for what they truly are. As they plan to protest in Abuja alleging imaginary corrupt activities of the SDGs, we shall also provide details of the activities of the office of the Adviser to the Benue State Governor on MDGs, NEPAD and Development Corporations for all to see.

We call on the Dr Dura not to be deterred by the rantings of these lazy people who have chosen the part of darkness to eke a living. We equally advise that adequate publicity should be made of most of these achievements to silence these nay sayers.


Ode Adejo


Eunice Abakume


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