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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Women in Lagos petition state house of assembly over continued harassment by male traders at Lagos markets

A group of women residing in Lagos, have petitioned the state house of Assembly over the continued harassment faced by women in the state from male traders at most Lagos markets, particularly Balogun and Tejuosho market. The petition was submitted yesterday May 30th. Part of the petition reads:

"We regret to say the harassment being meted out to women at these markets had been a thing of concern both in the past and present times. There continues to be reports from women about how men from the market scene harass women who go shopping in these markets. These experiences leave a bad taste in the psyche of the victims. It makes shopping in Lagos market unpleasant and unsafe for women. 
Women find it so much embarrassing to find men(traders) attempting to or holding their waists, attempting to touch their breast whistling or speaking obscenities at them".

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