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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Shameeka Rosario is in Nigeria

So I sat next to Shameeka Rosario ig @ShameekaRosario -Self Aclaim New York Instagram Booty Model, who is said to be a regular customer to Nigerian politicians. It was alleged that Since 2015, 2016 and now 2017, instagram booty model has been breezing in and out of Nigeria on the request on politicians.
At some point she was exposed by a blogger for sleeping with 4 Northern Governors and been pregnant for one. Today I met her coming back from Bayelsa -PortHacourt-Abuja enroute New York.

Hmmm our boarding was announced from the Port Hacourt international airport, our flight was to Abuja. We cued and boarded, I had the window seat, 12A on Dana Economy class. I noticed a portable white lady, with extra porty booty, who looked a bit like Kim kardashian, with extremely long lashes stained with glue and her exposed Carmel toes walked and stop beside me, siting down after her bag was placed in the luggage area. (seat 12b). 

I introduced myself to her and asked where she was headed. She simply Said, I am Shameeka Rosario, she took my iPad where an instagram search was waiting and imputed her name and clicked follow. I immediately became curious after seen her videos. Upon discovering I was a blogger, the babe covered her face with a heavy jacket through out the flight. 

So I went online and googled her, chai what I saw confirmed my fears! Our politicians are still wasting our money on instagram plastic white Oshi's from obodo Oyimbo.

From my convo with her, she told me she was coming from Bayelsa and was really tired, and that she had a flight to catch to Newyork today, but curiously I saw Shameeka leave with a tinted big car without number!!! Shameeka is in Abuja.

The question that kept coming to mind was, what is this per model modeling in Bayelsa choi...

Una too like amebo, oya go back and work. 

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