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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

#BBNaija: Day 30, Housemates to Eat Disgusting Meal or Have Their Secrets Revealed

Following cancellation of the week-five nominations for eviction, Big Brother, also known as `Biggie’ and owner of the #BBNaija house, introduced superstitions and phobia as the theme for the task for the housemates.
Little  did the housemates know that Biggie would add a twist to the task by asking them to eat “irregular” food in order for him not to reveal those secrets.
Before the commencement of the eating task, Biggie warned the Housemates that should they opt not to eat what was on their plate, they would be at his mercy and he could choose to reveal their secrets.
Consequently, to avoid being exposed, the housemates took turns to eat in a true fear factor style the plates of food containing spaghetti, mince meat, chicken and beef containing blood.
Marvis, Jon, Efe, Ese, Kemen and Bisola took turns to eat the “disgusting” meals prepared for them.
Bassey would rather eat the food than have his secret in the open, Debie-Rise contemplated her secret and followed Bassey to eat at the table.
Uriel could not watch Marvis chowed down her food to keeping her secret safe.
When Efe struggled to finish his food, Biggie told him to take a sip of water and continue stressing that “Efe’s secret is safe.’’
Kemen, Head of the House (HoH) also opted to keep his secret safe and chewed down his food while Bisola prayed for strength as she struggled to keep her food down.
All the #BBNaija housemates struggled with the challenge except for ThinTallTony who ate his meal with pleasure to the extent of licking his plate clean.
When all the Housemates had completed the challenge, Kemen appealed to Biggie to give TBoss who threw up earlier another chance.
After much consideration from Biggie, the request was granted.
TBoss went through the challenge with tears in her eyes, gagging and drinking water at every chance she could get.
Cheering her on was ThinTallTony. She completed the challenge eventually and Biggie congratulated the Housemates for completing the challenge.(NAN)

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