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Friday, 25 November 2016

Couple Engaged in Sexual Activity in Parked Car at McDonald's With Child in Back Seat arrested

When Orange Police Department officers arrived, employees said they were leaving work after their shifts ended at about 9 p.m when they noticed a car parked in the lot with two people in front seat.
"Employees said a child was in the back seat. These two people appeared to be engaged in sexual activity in the front seats of the car while a small child was seated in the back, watching," police  said in a statement. 
Police say the child was alert and that Onorato was partially undressed when officers arrived.
The couple reportedly told cops they had only been ‘cuddling’ after eating in the restaurant earlier. However, police said witnesses told them otherwise.
Both Onorato and Clark were arrested and charged with breach of peace in the second degree and impairing morals of a minor.
The child was placed into the custody of a relative. The incident was also reported to the local Department of Children and Families.
They are scheduled to appear in front of a judge next month, according to the clerk of courts.

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