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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Photos; Military Intercept Gun Runners With Arms in a Coffin

Flash back to about 7years back when I was buying products from the East, Onitsha and Aba to be precised. See Photos.  ..
One day on my way to Onitsha, our vehicle was following a convoy of 3 cars all plastered with posters and an ambulance with a white coffin, on  reaching a combined checkpoint, the vehicles were stopped and the officers requested to inspect the corpse, I was so angry 'cursing them slowly in my heart'. As our vehicle was checked and finally passed, I asked the person next to me, why on earth were they disrespecting the dead, he silently told me "bad boys use that means to transport banned/dangerous goods' so the security check corpse too but not always.

Back to today's news, a bus from the East heading to the South, in Ondo State filled with gun runners who disguised themselves  as sympathizers and a coffin with posters was intercepted by Nigerian Military.

After a thorough search, the sympathizers had said they were heading to the village of there assistant pastor who died and was been taken home for burial. The security demanded that the coffin opened, behold it was filled with guns and life bullets. 

Kudos to our eagle eye security personnel. 

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