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Friday, 25 March 2016

Lady exposes Lesbian Who has Been Sending her Raunchy Love Messages Like: 'I want to squeeze your boobs all nite'

A Kenyan TV presenter Elizabeth Irungu exposed a woman who has been sending her raunchy messages asking her for sexual favours. Elizabeth took to her Facebook page yesterday to share a screenshot from her conversation with the lesbian writing: "Still in the spirit of exposing perverts who inbox me almost daily.
Some even offering me money to bed me. #Shaking my head. Now this one since she's female and i do not want to seem as homophobic or dicriminative or wareva towards the LGBT society (Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual,Transgenders) staki wanirukie na law suits that's why i have blurred her name." Source: Elizabeth Irungu/Facebook

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