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Friday, 15 January 2016

See Why Man Whose Penis was Mistaken for a Weapon by Cop Was Arrested

We can now provide context to the gif that has gone viral of a man being frisked by police for carrying a weapon, which in reality was his p*his.
Video of the 2014 incident has surfaced in which the man appears to be concealing a large weapon. But it turns out to just be his seemingly erect penis which an officer grabs through the man’s clothing and briefly inspects.

In the 7:33 video, the man is seen yelling strange noises before he takes his shoes, belt and shirt off. At one point, he pulls his pants down before pulling them back up then later rolls up his pant legs and whips his belt in the air.
Police arrive at the 6:22 mark and the man puts his hands up and explains that his blood sugar is a bit low.
Witnesses alternate between being alarmed to being amused at the man’s antics.
Watch video HERE

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