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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bride Lands In Coma After Groomsmen Threw Her Into The Air But Failed to Catch Her

The challenges of marriage… nawao! After you do everything to make yourself happy in your marriage, one thing will just happen to spoil your expectations.

A wedding ceremony turned into a shocking unexpected tragedy for a Chinese family after the bride was left unconscious by a prank that went wrong in the hands of the groomsmen:

The bride arrived at the hotel to meet the groom for the wedding banquet. Several groomsmen were sent to welcome her at the front gate. Wedding shenanigans are usually expected at this point according to Chinese traditions, so the groomsmen picked up the bride and threw her into the air, pretending to scare her.
Unfortunately, the bride was not ready or not expecting the prank at that moment and the grooms men too were not fast enough to catch the lady who was totally scared. She landed on her own and collapsed.
The bribe is battling for her life.

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