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Friday, 16 October 2015

Woman Receives News That Her Partner Was Getting Married to Another Woman While Sick in a Hospital Bed

A woman who was sick and receiving treatment at hospital narrate how she received news that her man was marrying someone else;

“I was lying in hospital and sent my 14-year-old daughter to go and get me some clothes, said Nokuthula Khambule, from Zola 3, Soweto. “My daughter came back with the shocking news that my man was in a wedding suit standing next to a woman in a wedding dress. She said they were getting married.”
Nokuthula said she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I called my partner and he confirmed to me over the phone that he was getting married. I was heartbroken. I was suddenly as sick as I’d ever been. I wanted to die.”
When she came out of hospital, Nokuthula suffered even more humiliation. Her partner, Thulani Mashinini (46), and his new wife threw Nokuthula out of the house. She is now sleeping at her parents’ home while another woman is sleeping in her bed.
“I still love him,” she said. “He promised to marry me legally. I was hoping I would be with him forever but all those dreams are shattered.” She said Thulani had never shown signs that he was cheating.
Thulani (pictured above) admitted to Daily Sun he got married while his wife was in hospital recovering from her illness, but said he is regretting the decision. “It was a mistake. It is the greatest mistake I have ever made in my life,” he said. Thulani said he knew the other woman before he met Nokuthula. “I was not on good terms with the woman when I fell in love with Nokuthula,” he said. “While Nokuthula was in hospital, my new wife told me she was four months pregnant and didn’t want to have her child without getting married. That was when I made the mistake of getting married.” Thulani said he still loves Nokuthula and will make peace with her. “I will rather have two wives than dump Nokuthula,” he said.

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