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Thursday, 1 October 2015

We Have Every Reason to Celebrate Nigeria at 55 By Tyover Gum

Tyover Gum

You remember that great politician the late Mallam Aminu Kano, a crusader of the oppressed once said, “Nigeria is one but everybody knows his father’s house.” While in your father’s house, be kind to your neighbours. He preached love for all. Remember during the Civil War, Gowon’s name fitted the Nigerian situation that one thought Gowon’s name was framed to mean, “Go On With One Nigeria.” What a wonderful and handy coincidence. This goes to confirm Nigeria is fortunate enough to have her leaders chosen by God. In short, you should wish Abubakar, Chinwe, Ademola, Terdoo, Onoja, and Mbaba, what you, Inibong, wish yourself.

We have every reason to celebrate Nigeria at 55. Unless we’re singularly short-sighted and confess no further interest in the kind of society that must be raised on the ashes of this one. It is obvious that certain foundations must be laid right now whose ideals will at least rescue our struggle from the common exercise of butchery, bestiality, bad governance and from their origin and cause of human damnation. A beginning must be made somewhere, so let it be made by the youths. Young people are a source of energy, creativity, initiative of dynamism and social renewal. They represent the hope and aspiration of any race. So let us be aware of the goings-on in the nation and affect things in our country. Let us effect this change through advocacy and interrogation of government performance.
It’s time to chart a new path for the nation. In other words, now that our problems have opened our eyes to the unsympathetic, Machiavellian-Darwinian survivalist world, only our strengths, persistence and a change in behaviour can bring us out of Egypt and lead us to the Promised Land. And we urge our public commentators, social critics and crusaders and everyone else not to rest on their oars in unpologetically laying bare through their “critical writings” those things that will correct the mindset towards a prosperous Nigeria. This goes to confirm Wole Soyinka’s great insight that, “Books and all forms of writing have always been objects of terror to those who seek to suppress truth.” The media played a key role towards killing OBJ’s Third Term bid. The social media also played a vital role towards the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari where the people experienced a different brew of political awareness and consciousness like never before, and the mindset the president was a religious and ethnic apologist immensely corrected, which enabled Nigerians make a better choice this time around by uprooting GEJ’s lazy and non-performing PDP.
Having been taken for a ride for so long by opportunists who climb on the back of committed patriots to reach the honey pot only to start abjuring everything they claimed to have stood for, we must now reject corruption. Corruption is not just fiscal, but attitudinal, poverty of leadership and double standards.

Let us reject bad leadership and demand good governance. Let us reject injustice and demand justice. Let us reject wars and promote peace. Let us support our leaders when they do well, and call them to order when found wanting. Let us have faith in ourselves.

Nigerians are hardworking and very creative. We are aware of what Babatunde Fashola did with the environment and infrastructure in Lagos. We are aware of what Prof. Charles Soludo did with the banking sector. We are aware of what Dr. Akinwumi Adesina did with agriculture in the country. We are also aware of what Prof. Attahiru Jega did at INEC as chair of the electoral umpire. We can also talk about the burst of creative talents on the literary landscape, sports and the entertainment scene. We know of the Chimammanda Adichies, Chigozie Obiomas, Tricia Nwaubanis, the MIs, Don Jazzys, Tu Face Idibias, D’Banjs, Asas, Omotolas .Es, G. Nnajis, Asisat Oshoalas, Kelechi Iheanachos, Taiwo Awonoyis, or the simple hardworking folks who produce the bread we eat, repair our cars and raise the kids. Let us not think about what Nigeria can do for us, but what we can do for Nigeria. Let us do this for the sake of the loved ones.
Let us do this because we have no other country. As vanguard of change and societal development, there’s every need, so as to make the future a brighter one for the society.

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