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Friday, 2 October 2015

Family Members Worried Over Police Corporal Disappearance for 5 Months

Rasheed Hakeem

The family members of 39 year old police corporal, Rasheed Hakeem, says he’s been missing since May 2015, when the policeman failed to return home after partaking in an operation to tackle petroleum pipeline vandals in the Igando area of Lagos.

He was among officers drafted for an operation in Obadore, Igando, on Thursday, May 14.After his family realized he was missing, they contacted the police authorities at Kam Salem House, Obalende, where they were told that Hakeem was not killed during the operation, but missing, as no corpse had been recovered by the police.
Speaking with Punch Metro, one of the corporal’s relatives, Bolaji Babatunde, said:
“We continue to hear the same story each time we meet with the police. Rasheed (Hakeem) is my wife’s elder brother. Each time we go to the police, they say there was violence and every policeman fled for their lives at the scene.
“The police confirmed to us that there was an exchange of gunfire, but since there was no corpse, they could not confirm any death. They say there are four missing officers, and they have not seen any proof to say they are dead. But we are anxious. We do not know whether he was abducted, and would return soon.”
His wife, Rukayat, a fashion designer and mother of their 3 children said:
“I don’t go to the police to get updates, but my mother-in-law does. They always say Rasheed (Hakeem) is not dead. Life has not been pleasant since May when we began to look for him.
“People staying in Obadore area, where the shootout occurred, said no corpse was found on the day of the incident, and it was possible that the policemen did not die, but were held hostage.
“It has not been easy trying to take care of three children without the support of my husband.
“During the Sallah, the police authorities called to give me and the children some money for our upkeep, but I pray that he returns safely.”
Another relation, said:
“Nigerians should kindly assist us in finding the policeman. His aged mother, his wife and children could no longer bear this situation.

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