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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mzough U TIV Event In Abuja, A Huge Success - Read what Went On, See Photos

Yesterday the executive Committee of Mzough U TIV, headed by its President General Chief, Engr. Edward Ujege (MFR) (Zege Mule u Konshisha) hosted  the Tiv Community in Abuja to a dinner at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. 

The turnout was huge, as the Sheraton hall could not contain all the attendees, forcing some people to stand throughout the occasion.

Some of the Tiv illustrous sons and daughter in attendance were; Dr. Mrs. Mzamber Waziri - (Fmr. EFCC Chairman), Mrs. Elizabeth Ivase, Auditor General for the Federation, Samuel Tyonongo Ukura, Prof. Emmanuel H. Agba, Vice Chancellor University of Mkar, Hon. Orker Jev, Hon. Banjamin Wayo, Hon. Iorwase Hembe, MD NEXIM Bank, Dr. Robert Orya, Peter Kumba - AIT, Dr. Cletus Akwaya, Mr. Donald Annana, Zaaki Azzay, Mr. Kelvin Dzeremo, Mr. Paul Papel Apel and His wife Stephanie aka MIMIDOO and many more I cannot recollect their names.

The event was started with an opening prayer, after which the National Anthem was sung, followed by the Tiv Anthem.

The welcome address was given by President General - MUT, Chief, Engr. Edward Ujege (MFR). Who thanked everyone for making out time to come, he further thanked Mrs. Irene Mngu Awunah and Mr. Howard Dabur and the entire team for making sure the event was a success. 

Emmanuel H. Agba, Vice Chancellor University of Mkar, thrilled the quest with his presentation on the topic of TIV AGENDA (TIV YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW), the paper was educative but was presented in English, which some were of the opinion that the paper should have been presented  in TIV, since it was a TIV gathering. 

Also speaking was Hon. Emmanuel Orker Jev, Honourable member House Of Representative, who retracted the need of for UTer  and AToor  to shun partisan politics and rather focus on fostering unity among Tiv Children; a statement which earned him a resounding accolade. He touched on many other issues affecting the Tiv nation and the way forward.    

The Auditor General for the Federation, Samuel Tyonongo Ukura whom I was also privileged to interview, also took the stage to advice Tiv sons and daughters to come together in other to move the Tiv nation forward. He also charged the youths to have a rethink and go back to farming, as hard work pays. He further called on the Tiv sons and daughters in positions to start helping one another.

Also speaking was the MD NEXIM Bank, Dr. Robert Orya, a very eloquent speaker also took the stage and advised youths to stop sitting at home and expecting to earn from greeting people in position "Aondoaseer Ovesen". He pointed out that, our people have all taken to civil service jobs and our markets are totally taken, a situation in which once you get paid, the Igbo man in the market takes it all. A situation he hopes will change with a change of attitude.
MD NEXIM Bank, Dr. Robert Orya
He cited an example of the shops located around Tito, by the railway in Makurdi, a very busy business hub, which he took interest and decided to visit, only to realise that there is no indigenous person with a shop there. He said alot more but i am sure you are all tired of reading already. 

The audience  were treated to some rib cracking jokes from none other than Sampady. Rapizo also entertained the delighted guest to lovely Tiv renditions.

The event was successful, almost everyone stayed till the end, where personal networking took over..... Oya make una see pictures.

Mandy Seember Kaunan
Chairman; (Committee on Social Media Publicity) "MUT Gboko 2015" 

Mandy Kaunan - Interviewing Dr. Mrs. Mzamber Waziri (Fmr. EFCC Chairman)

From LtoR: Mandy, Zaaki Azzay, Alu Azege
From LtoR: Mandy, Mama Elizabeth Ivase, Alu Azege
From RtoL: Doosur Iange - Kumashe U MUT, Ukan Kurugh - Social Media Analyst, Unknown
Hon. Hembe in Blue having a Conversation 
From LtoR: BadWater - Abomnger, Mandy, Shan Pepe I Tiv, Kumashe U MUT
Mandy with Dr. Mrs. Waziri (Fmr. EFCC Chairman) 

Mandy with Stephanie Apel aka MIMIDOO 
Mandy, Mr. Moses Azege, Mr. Kelvin Dzeremo, Alu Azege


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