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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Buhari Finally Reacts To His Alleged Lopsided Appointments

Yesterday, President Buhari broke his silence on the recent appointments he made which has been described as lopsided. In an interview with BBC Hausa, he said:

“This is the nature of Nigerian politics. If they will do justice to me, as an elected Nigerian president, let them look at the Constitution a Nigerian president works with, there are people who will closely work with me that don’t need to be taken to the Senate.
If I select people whom I know quite well in my political party, whom we came all the way right from the APP, CPC and APC, and have remained together in good or bad situation, the people I have confidence in and I can trust them with any post, will that amount to anything wrong?
I have been with them throughout our trying times, what then is the reward of such dedication and suffering?
They did not defect because of positions, they did not involve themselves in the pursuit of personal gains, and they accepted their fate throughout our trying moments. What is wrong if I make you the secretary (of the federal government) because I have confidence that things will go normal?”….. so let’s just negodu in all manner of honesty."

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