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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Women Who Lure Girls Into Prostitution Abroad, Exposed

The story by a Nigerian man named Emeka Ugwuonye exposing female traffickers that lure desperate girls into selling their bodies in countries like Malaysia, Russia, the UAE and China has gone viral

Though her real name remains unknown, Ebony Lisa has been linked with sex trade in Dubai.
According to Emeka, following a previous exposition of one Esther Otubo Nicole, people kept sending him and members of his group, the Due Process Advocates (DPA), the name of one Ebony Lisa.
Ebony is said to be a notorious woman in Dubai, the UAE, the one has tried to keep a low profile, knowing that they were looking in her direction. The videos she had been sending out privately, unfortunately made their way to Facebook. That was the way the DPA tracked her.
Suspected human trafficker kept a ‘low profile’
Emeka said he and his group of advocates have started to trace the trafficker.
“I just instructed the two girls and told them what to do and where to be tonight, while action is taken against Madam Eboni Lisa,” the activist said.
The finance lawyer gave further details about the flesh peddler. He said her real name was unknown, but that her girls call her ‘Aunty Fegor’, adding that she goes by the name Ebony Lisa on Facebook.
The girls who work for suspected human trafficker call her ‘Aunty Fegor’

Madam Eboni Lisa looks really impressive
The DPA spokesman also said that Ebony lives at Sharjah, Abu Shagara, Ismail Building in the UAE, adding that her Facebook page claims she attended a Delta state university, Abraka.
Ebony is said to be a graduate of a Delta state university, Abraka.
Another look of the suspected human trafficker

A telephone number +971562681199, was also given as part of the details.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday, August 4, Emeka Ugwuonye exposed another sex trafficker identified as Esther Otubo Nicole.
The CEO of Eculaw group simply described her as a human trafficker who sends Nigerian girls into prostitution in Dubai. He spoke on a particular video from Facebook, showing a nude girl.
Trafficking of Nigerian girls to rich countries is on the rise
“I got the video of two different girls recorded under the most debasing conditions, naked and scared. What Nicole does is videotape these girls in the nude and blackmails them into prostitution in Dubai.
“I had to expose this lady, so I opened a chat group on Facebook, and my aim is to checkmate the activities of Nicole and her kind.”
Emeka Ugwuonye and his colleagues keep looking for more clues on Facebook
Emeka’s Facebook status was titled: “There Is A Criminal On The Prowl That We All Need To Help Track Down”
In his status, he said that before they leave Nigeria, Nicole would first make the girls and their parents swear to some local shrine in the belief that such would place a curse of sudden death on those girls if they were to disobey her.
The traffickers in Dubai get about N6 million per girl
It is gathered that the total amount she plans to get from each girl is about $30,000. Nicole allegedly uses blackmail as an additional means of enforcing her plan.
“She takes a video recording of each girl, who is made to stand nude, fully nude. She says to each girl that if she failed to pay her $30,000 when she gets to Dubai or elsewhere, she would release the video tape on Facebook and that if she paid, she would delete the videotape,” Emeka said.

Ostensibly, some of the girls did not meet up with the agreement, hence Nicole released their videos on Facebook.
Emeka affirms having seen the videos: “I have personally seen videos of three girls in such humiliation. People forwarded them to me in order for me to use DPA to help track down the woman that is behind all this.

“A friend of mine and a member of DPA who discussed this with me yesterday over an inbox exchange has already taken some steps.”
The advocate went on to say that his friend has contacted the UAE Embassy in Washington and the FBI Crime Alert, an action which he deems as reasonable.
“We now have her particulars, and we are now seeking to get her arrested in Dubai, there are many, many Nigerian girls suffering under her control. These girls lack the ability to cry out, they are in slavery and bondage, we must set them free and we must have the ‘Madam’ arrested,” Emeka concluded.
“These girls lack the ability to cry out, they are in slavery and bondage, we must set them free and we must have the ‘Madam’ arrested.”
Esther Otubo Nicole is said to be from Bayelsa, but living in the Marina area of Dubai. Her phone was given as: +971 55 837 88 59. Emeka reveals that she has a daughter in Nigeria, who is currently serving in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

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