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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Bleaching Expert Fifi Safia Usman Turns Black After Child Birth - Photos

One of Nigeria’s foremost skin lightening experts, Fifi Safia Usman, aka Fifi SharpSharp D Moon has just welcomed twins boy. This would be her first childbirth.

She gave birth yesterday in the United States. But people could not help but notice that the beautiful and stylish lady known for her trademark flawlessly light skin had turned very dark overnight.

The news of her newly-acquired dark skin had been making the rounds on blogs when someone drew my attention to the gossip.

The truth is, Fifi has never pretended she was born light-skinned. She confidently shared the photos of her darkened pregnant skin which is commonly known as hyperpigmentation on social media.

Hyperpigmentation even affects some naturally light-skinned women when they are pregnant, so I don’t get what the fuss is about.

I believe if it was something she wanted to be ashamed about, she would have hidden the photos from us. So what’s the laughter about?

On this bottom photo she shared, she even joked about herself being helpless to the changes in her body and skin, due to pregnancy. Fifi wrote:
    “Believe me there were days when the true colour of d moon revealed itself !�� u can’t cheat nature ! Not even me.”

For being real, down-to-earth and honest, she earns my full admiration and respect. Congratulations to Fifi on her new baby. God bless mommy and baby.

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