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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bizzare Story; Person with a Male face, Breast and Pipi caught in Ghana - Photos

According to the story, he/she was flying (as an animal) very early in the morning around 5am but became weak and decided to rest. (this is what Ghanaians are saying). Then  fell into a deep sleep only to wake up later naked & surrounded by people who had called the police. 

Witnesses took photos and shared on social media. See the photos after the cut

He has boobs
He has butt
And he has a p*nis which I censored.

He/she is currently in the custody of Medina police. Is there any other explanation for this, other than he's a witch/wizard? A hermaphrodite, maybe?

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Dr. Chuks said...

Not a witch/wizard, this is gynecomastia due to very low testosterone leading to the enlargement of glands in the breasts. Fat cells in his body make small amount of estrogen, which can further enlarge the breasts and other parts of his body (e.g hips or buttocks). If he has both genitalia then its Intersex (Hermaphroditism) caused by mutation or abnormal embryonic development of genital. People should be schooled, this is enough embarassment for this person.