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Thursday, 16 April 2015

South African President Jacob Zuma Condemns Xenophobic Attacks Against Immigrants

President Jacob Zuma Condemns Attacks On Immigrants. According to his statement below; 
What is happening in our country is not acceptable. We condemn this, that people are attacked and killed. We cannot accept that when there are challenges, we then use violence, particularly to our brothers and sisters from our continent.
 We must bare in mind that, when we were in trouble, they helped us to fight our liberation, they didn't chase us away.
 We are aware of the frustration that the people in South Africa had been voicing. I have tasked 3 ministers to address the current issue.
I convey my condolences to the victims & to those who have lost their loved ones.
We cannot continue killing one another. As Africans, as people who are belonging to the same continent, we need to find a way...where there will be coexistence properly without depriving others. We have seen the anger, we are aware that people are frustrated, we are calling for calm in order to solve the problem.

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