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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

MandyGist Exclusive: Smoked frogs a Special Delicacy Among The Tiv People of Benue State - PhotoSpeak

Philip Paul with the frogs in his handsDried frogs

Smoked frogs are a delicacy for some, but not all, Benue people. Among the TIV people, smoked frog popularly known as "Ifam" is a special delicacy. The frog is most times cooked and garnished with spices, onions and pepper and sold on the streets in the evenings. During burial wake-keeps you see women displaying all sizes of peppered frogs for potential buyers. 

Most homes also buy it cook it in stew to eat with swallow (pounded yam, Garri, 'Ruam kyureke' - maize food or 'Ruam wua' -Corn food), at it is relatively less expensive as compared to dry fish and other meats. 
Philip Paul holding a skewer of frogs

Philip Paul is a frog seller pictured above is from Benue state and TIV, he and his wife and daughter love to eat them, he lives in the north-east, Adamawa to be precise, where the frogs abounds.
Philip Paul with the frogs in his hands 
The 25-year-old says the frogs are so easy to catch that he grabs them with his bare hands. At night he puts a bit of bait on rope and when the frogs jump he just reaches for them. 
Philip Paul holding a skewer of frogs
He then skewers them on a stick as seen in the picture above

View of uncooked frogs wide
He dries out the frogs out in the sun for six or seven hours, he will then smokes them.

Phillip Paul with frogs smoking
Close up dried frogs

Photo credit: Christine Otieno

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