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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

You are Being Watched and Judged On Social Media - Photos

Yes, you are being watched! What you write (or say) online "can be used against you" in the court of public opinion or in the privacy of an employer's or a recruiter's office or by the security agent. The above picture allegedly shows Nigeria’s defence spoke person, monitoring social media posts from Nigerians. Yes they are not the only ones reading and judging you by your post.  Yet, it appears that too many people are not aware that what they do online, in the "privacy" of their social media accounts, is often very widely visible.
This wide visibility can help or hurt both their careers, their job hunting and might even land you in the security net.
In the age of social media, caution is required, more caution than many people are using.
Two very important things to be aware of in the Age of Social Media: MOST of what is contributed online in social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter is visible to the world, including search engines.

Whenever you make a comment online, note that someone in our current real/virtual reality world, may be watching.

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