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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Rt. Hon.Terhemen Tarzoor PDP Guber Candidate Host Benue Indigenes in Abuja in a Power Packed Interactive Session - Pics

It was a great occasion, well organized and also well attended, at the BMO event centre, River plate gardens Abuja, on the 23RD March, 2015. The hall was filled to brim, living others standing without complaining as guest were served with drinks to keep the evening moving.
Mandy S. Kaunan - MandyGist 
It was a rich and rewarding session and it left me improved and more rational about our problems. The coordinator Dr. Cletus Akwaya, introduced guest from different works of life. Prof. Iorwuese Hagher   DG Tarzoor/Ngbede campaign Organization was in attendance, also in attendance were, Prof. David Ker, Hon. Paul Harris Ogbole, Dr. James Mbachiantim, Dr. Paul Orhii – DG NAFDAC, Bar. Alex  Ter Adum, Hon. Terkaa Mamwo, Chief Ede Hyacinth, Prof. Yima Sen, Hon. Sylvester Atachin, Hon. Tavershima Tyonongo, Dr. Andzenge, Dr. Bernard Ver and host of well-educated scholars.
Dr. Cletus Akwaya the coordinator, called on Prof. Hagher to give the key note address and also to introduce the Chief Host in the person of Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor. Ambassador mounted the podium, after welcoming the guest, gave a brief speech and then, introduces the Host, who wasted no time in mounting the rostrum.
He started his speech by saying “God does not chose the quality, but qualify the chosen” as unqualified as he is, in Gods own plans they are no accidents. That is why he is here with us, and when people talk about been chosen by God, he is tempted to ask them, “Are you prepared”, because he Tarzoor is well prepared to serve the people of Benue.
He re-echoed that by next year Benue State will be 40 years and we Benue people must agree to move forward, which is why he believed that coming into the race as an economist, with a good knowledge of our political environment, he will take Benue State to greater heights, he further said that he has come with a 5point realizable agenda for the people of Benue State, namely;
·        Infrastructure
·        Health
·        Education
·        Agriculture
·        Pension matters and
·        Tourism
He extensively spoke about Agriculture, how he is going to convert agricultural waste into value, his plans to set up cash cows in agriculture, i.e setting up a pounded yam factory in Sankera which will mop up all the yams and stop the activities of middle men who come in to prize 100 tubers of yams for N1,000. He said the concept of “Or gbe ke Iwenge ga” must be eradicated, also that his government  will domesticate another cash cow in the Jechira/Kwande axis, and this time a fruit company, the earning from the squeeze of these fruits will improve Benue  economy and create jobs, he also plan to set up a Palm oil processing farm around Ogbadibo area, where the state will acquire  vast land and plant high yielding variety of palms for the purpose of mass production of palm oil. He also said that his government will not despise the little beginning in the spirit of “Shangela Mwen, shangela Mwen”.
Outside agriculture, he touched on the issue of tourism, he stated that Benue state in endowed with great sites, which will  be utilized i.e the river Benue river bank, the Kastina river bank, which will be converted to beaches and tourist attraction. He also mentioned the Ikyogen Ranch which he hopes to revive, he plans on bringing in investors who will invest and manage these areas if need be.  He further spoke about liaising with corporation like the Silver Bird, Shop rite who presence will not only boast the economy of the state, but will also create employment for the youths.
According to him, “when America sneezes, the whole world catches cold” the reason Benue people must develop their own survival strategies in other to survive in times like this.   
He touched on the issue of Education, his core been creating of technical colleges in all the Zones in the state, these technical schools will liaise with sport academies around the country/world, where a child will learn a trade and still actively participate in his sport carrier, and if one fails the other will be there to help him/her earn a living. A program that plans on ending “Aondo Aseer Orvesen Era”. He further spoke about his willingness to develop all educational institutions where there is need.
He touched on many other issues including health, pension fund and infrastructural development.  He also spoke about the issue of leaders been accountable to the people they are representing, and how the tradition institution will play the key role in ensuring compliance.
He further explained that, he cannot say what he cannot do; therefore the above stated is what he has for us the people of Benue.
Diverting from the major issues, he spoke about stigma and character assassination that has been melted on his character as a person, some saying he perms his hair, and to others he wears earrings, but what he believe is the most important thing is the issues affecting Benue, and Benue must move forward.
He therefore pledged that he will not give into campaign of calumny; neither will he be involved in vices that are capable of triggering drawbacks in Benue state. Rt. Hon Tarzoor ended his speech and thanked Benue Sons and daughters for finding time to be with him.

It was then the time for contributions, questions and answers; which was taken from 10 people I cannot readily remember all, but I Mandy S. Kaunan, was the first to be given the opportunity to ask his Excellency a question, he also took questions and contributions from people like Prof Yima Sen, Prof. Ker and Chief. Edeh Hyacinth and Dooshima Aza.
Prof Yima Sen
Chief. Edeh Hyacinth
Mandy S. Kaunan

Tarzoor mounted the podium again and dissected the questions as they came,  with confidence of a man who has a plan for his people, also acknowledging the contributions from elders.
Refreshment Time
Dr. Andzenge gave the closing remark and Bar. Alex Adum ended the session with a prayer.
Dr. Andzenge
Bar. Alex Adum
I arrived home 12:30am and started writing this piece to keep you all aware of what transpired. It was indeed a great and fruitful session and reunion for some of us.

Watch out for MandyGist Interview with Rt. Hon. Tarzoor, where he touched on delicate issues concerning Benue people. 
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