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Monday, 23 March 2015

Read Governor Suswam's Speech at Chief Pa Mbanyiman Dzoho’s Burial that Touched The Core of Kwande People’s Heart - Pics

Gov. Suswam & Prof. Ugba at Chief Mbanyiman Dzoho's Burial 
It was a celebration of a life well spent, of Late Pa Mbanyiman David Dzoho District Head of Baraku,on the 20th March 2015 at Mbaabo Village, kendev-Turan in Kwande Local government, a burial ceremony well organized by Chief Dzoho’s illustrious sons. #IwasThere

Hon. Bem Dhozo and Mandy of Mandygist in Green & white T-Shirt
PA Mbanyiman Dzoho who is the father of the PDP State Secretary, Hon. Bem Dzoho and his elder brother, Alloy who is the Kwande APC Chairman passed away  at the ripe old age of 89year, as the Distict Head of Baraku and Mue Ter Turan I, a titled chief of the Tiv Traditional council.

PA Mbanyiman Dzoho Lying in state

The burial was packed with dignitaries drawn from both PDP and APC and friends from all works of life; but a to mention a few were; His excellency Governor Gabriel Suswam, Distinguish Senator Gemade, Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor PDP gubernatorial aspirant, Prof. Steve Ugba, Distinguished Senator Saor, Ambassador Iorwuese Hagher, Hon. B.I Aboho, Hon. Bob Ityough , Chief Yandev Amabai, All TIV 1st class and 2nd class chiefs, Hon. Kester Kyenge, Prof. Denga, Pastor Pitch Ichull, Kwande Local government Chairman, Hon. Terkaa Mamwo, Mrs. Jennifer Soughtafter Igoh, Hon. Mrs. Ortese   and many others that I cannot mention due to time and space.

The atmosphere was peaceful and solemn, the preaching was done and it was time for funeral oration; Governor Suswam was then handed the mic, he started by greeting the dignitaries and went on to thank the bereaved family for putting up such a burial for their father, who died at a ripe age of 89 years. 
He called on kwande people to emulate the Chief Dzoho’s children, he said and I quote “Bem Dzoho is the state Secretary of PDP while his immediate elder brother is Chairman APC came out of the same ikyur (mother), but on his way coming to the burial, he noticed that everywhere was peaceful, no house was burnt, he also noticed that all posters belonging to the both parties and that of APGA were not torn or removed, he praised the family for living an exemplary political life  for others to emulate.  He went on to say that the family is very wise, “If PDP wins they will still be relevant and if APC wins, they will still be relevant”. 
 He went on to say that while coming on the way, he met his elder brother in politics, Senator Gemade whom they are contesting the same position, they both came down and hug and spoke to each other at length before parting ways. This was a sign that there is no rift between the two of them as the public speculate.  He also said he and his elder brother Prof Steve are very close, as they eat and drink together;  on completion of this statement, Prof. Ugba stood up and went to where Governor Suswam was speaking and hugged him for the thousands of people to see, it was indeed a lovely peaceful site to behold.  
 He further tasked Kwande people to reject and totally shun violence and embrace peace. Suswam stated that Kwande and most especially Turan people have always experience the worst form of political violence, and this time they reject it in totality. He further gave an example that, it was in Kwande that a politician’s dead parents corpse were brought out and burnt, an action that could not be easily forgotten, he went on to tell the youths to say no to any politician who ask them to commit any form of violence.
 According to him, “If I suswam tell you to fight, tell me to ask my 17years old to lead the fight”, a statement the witness a loud clap and shouts from both the supporters of PDP and APC and other neutral people there present.
 He further, told the people not to steal, snatch or borrow anybody’s PVC, according to him “Jega has done this election in a way you cannot steal, neither will you be able to use someone’s PVC, and so his advice to those buying or stealing other peoples PVC is to return them or they will be useless on the day of election.  
He tasked the people of Benue of the TIV extraction to refrain from insulting their elders in the name of politics, and further stated that we are where we are because of lack of love for one another.
He thanked everyone for coming and ended his speech.
Also speaking at the burial In a funeral oration, PDP Governorship candidate in the state RT Hon Terhemen Tarzoor urged his brethren, Tiv people to uphold the philosophy of truth in all endeavors for sustained development of the land. 

Mr Tarzoor who urged his supporters to eschew violence during and after the elections stated that that power belongs to God who gives it to peaceful souls, also said violence in the name of political ambition would do no one any good. He said he was quite happy that the Dzoho brothers were always in one accord despite their different political leanings and advised that all party supporters should tow that kind of approach to life. The PDP Governorship candidate described Pa Dzoho’s death as celebration of life and said that Pa David lived a prosperous and fulfilling life bringing up his children in a God fearing manner to offer selfless service to humanity. 

Lets us embrace peace, #VoteNotFight  

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