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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

MandyGist Exclusive: One on One with Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor PDP Guber Candidate - A Must Read

MandyGist caught up with the youngest and amiable gubernatorial candidate under the platform of PDP in Benue State,  Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor, after successfully hosting Benue sons & daughters residing in Abuja, On the 23rd of March, 2015. In less than 5 minutes I was able to ask him some vital questions; here is how he responded;
Mandy -

MandyGist: Good evening your Excellency, Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor, thank you for making out time from your tight schedule to speak with me Sir, I am highly honored.
Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Thank you very much
 MandyGist: My name is Mandy S. Kaunan of I am a Benue born blogger based in Abuja, Nigeria. Without wasting time Sir, let me go straight to the point, I have few questions for you.
 Sir, do you have a serious plan to help create jobs in Benue? How would you use the executive levers of state government to encourage and align with private business to generate economic development? You spoke about that in your speech but I’d like you to throw more light.
Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Well thank you very much, as an economist you know there is nothing outside business negotiations round-tables and when people come into a round-table for engagements, you have the cards on the table, the government vs the private concern. Where it is favourable to us as a state, we throw in and allow such investors to come in and plug in their money; we then ensure that they create jobs for the benefit of our economy. It is very straight forward and simple.
Mandygist: Thank you Sir,
 Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Thank you,
Mandygist: If elected Sir, how you do plan to relate to the media and voters in terms of transparency, open government laws and documents?
 Rt Hon. Tarzoor:  well you know there no government that can function without the media, because it is the mouth piece that inform the society, it tells the society what you are doing as a government, so it is a necessity, and so there is no need negotiating or talking about media, it is a must do component of the system, it is indeed the brain of every system, because people must know  what is happening, and you can’t run a government in the dark, so the media is very much needed to educate the people of your programmes and activities.
In terms of the electorates, you know that we vote only during elections, and you know we as party and my own humble self Rt. Hon Tarzoor will ensure that people vote genuinely without vices, without getting involved in crises; so I appeal to people, to come out with their PVC’s and vote.

Mandygist: Last but not the least Sir, as a female myself this concerns me, if you become the governor come April 11, 2015, what percentage do you plan on allocating to women in you cabinet.
 Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Cuts in……. let me address the “IF” which is a probability statement,  
Mandygist: Cuts in……….. Your Excellency Sir, let me re-address my question and say is again; WHEN you become the Next Governor of Benue State come 11th April, 2015, what percentage do you plan on allocating to women in you cabinet.
 Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Thank you very much, as the next governor, I can tell you very nakedly that YES, we have an elaborate programme for the women, you know myself I came into this world through a woman, my mum is there, my sisters are there, so any good plan for the women folk I wanna feel I’m giving back to my sibling, so we know issues of gender discriminations will be completely reduced to the barest minimum. We might not be able to eradicate it completely because we are human beings. About women empowerment, which is brushing them up in terms of skills acquisition, which is what I have been doing over the years as a social worker with a non-governmental organization, so we will also engage and carry the women along.
Pause…. Mind you we have the office of the first lady, even though not constitutionally recognized, it is there, it is a way of life to us, so they also have elaborate programs for the women. 
 Mandygist: Thank you for finding time to speak with me, I appreciate, follow

Rt Hon. Tarzoor: I appreciate, thank you very much

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