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Friday, 13 March 2015

I Was an Okada Man I am Just Like You - Rt Hon Terhemen Tarzoor Tells Benue Tricycle Association - Photos

BENTA!! PROGRESS!! Were the chants that rang at the residence of Hon Terhemen Tarzoor on Thursday evening when membersof the Benue Tricycle Association met with the PDP gubernatorial aspirant and his running mate. After the introduction of the executive committee members of the association, the gubernatorial candidate stood up to address his guests.
He retold his story of the days he was as an okada man, working harder at closing hours so as to utilise the multitude of workers closing from their offices daily. The president of the group nodded in agreement as he knew Hon. Tarzoor from thse days.
He said at that time a drop was between N3 - N5 and fuel scarcity was extremely more constraining. Yet at the backdrop of these challenges, he didn't see himself as a career Okada man and strived to attain his current position, he also urged members of the association to do the same. Stating that "those days are now stories I tell.."
He promised to provide a funding programme to stimulate more tricycle owners considering they were much more safer means of transportation than motorcycles. He said the fund will aim at subsidizing the cost of tricycles and it will be open to even those who will turn in their motorcycles for tricycles.
Prince Terhemen Tarzoor further stated his resolve to conduct a peaceful and respectful campaign round the state. He pleaded on all members of the association to work for all PDP aspirants in all elections, but to exercise the exemplary attitude of decorum and never to respond to taunts of those who oppose them but rather win them over with superior argument
He thanked them for their support and left the house to another event where he met the mobile phone equipment vendors at the GSM village opposite Tito Gate Makurdi
On arrival at the GSM village the vendors received him as one of their own. They flocked out of their shops as though attracted by a natural phenomenon to the location where the PDP governorship flag bearer stood to address them. They shouted chants of the man wey sabi! and echoes of "we like am pass" returned like for like.
The beloved honourable thanked them for their support and expressed joy at the massive show of acceptance despite his unannounced visit. He pledged that his government if given a chance to constitute one will provide platforms that will offer training, loans, and international innovation fairs for all vendors at the village. This he said will enable them grow beyond just vendors to providers of technology services within the state and beyond.
The group's leader thanked the PDP gubernatorial aspirant and his running mate for their thoughtful gesture. He categorically stated that the duo were the first ever to visit the GSM village since the inception of democracy in 1999. He confessed their awe and respect of the candidate has increased a thousand fold and they vowed to vote massively for Hon Tarzoor come April 11. At this some vendors and shop owners even waved their PVCs.
It was a joyous moment and vendors were seen talking about the candidate hours after he had left. It was clear he had made an impression worthy of note.

Written by Alison Omanchi

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