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Monday, 9 March 2015

'Faith Without Works is Dead' Practice What You Preach – Rt. Hon. Tarzoor Tells Dr. Ortom


It will be recalled that the PDP closely contested primaries election held on the 8th into the 9th of December last year was won by Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor  who emerged the winner by polling 517 votes to beat seven co-contestants including former Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr Samuel Ortom who pulled just 111 votes.

Ortom after congratulating Tarzoor swiftly moved to APC to realize the same ambition but in a rather undemocratic way, which is been contested in the court by some of the aggrieved aspirant.

Rt. Hon. Tazoor did not hide his disappointment yesterday at late Pa Mathew Anyiku Agu’s burial where he and Dr. Ortom met. Read below what Hon. Tarzoor had to say to Dr. Ortom; 

By Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor 
He has honor if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct though it is inconvenient, unprofitable or dangerous.’- Walter Lippman (1889-1974)
“ ‘If it is you, Tarzoor that emerges as the candidate of the party after the primaries, I, Dr Ortom will congratulate and support you.’ Today, I ask, what has changed? ” 
This was my parting shot to my elder, Chief Dr Samuel Ortom as I closed my speech at the burial of Pa Mathew Anyiku Agu in Taraku, Gwer East earlier today.
I was looking directly at Dr Ortom when I asked this question because this assurance formed the crux of our discussions whenever we rubbed minds on the different permutations of the party primaries in the months leading up to them. 
Save for the Peace Mass in Gboko, Taraku was the first time we will be meeting publicly since the early night of the PDP primaries last December.
Had the tables been turned that night and Dr Ortom emerged as the PDP candidate, I would have remained true to the party, I would have been at the forefront of people championing his cause and mobilizing support at the grassroots level for his victory. 
But, God did not intend it that way, I emerged. Dr Ortom congratulated me quite okay that early morning, but he subsequently decided to try to realize the same ambition on another platform. This was why I was asking him this afternoon, what had changed? 
It was a rhetorical question that needed no response, more so since the podium on which I stood was no place for politicking. I was giving my goodwill message at the burial of a foremost community leader of Mbaapen kindred in Njriv, Pa Mathew Anyiku Agu. 
It was a solemn event that in part, was still a celebration, celebration of a life well spent and of achievements well documented. It was a well attended burial and I was very happy that the people of Gwer East turned out in their numbers to send forth their illustrious son in a blaze of glory.  
Numerous dignitaries thronged Taraku to witness the event. Hon Mike Mku was in attendance so was Mr Hingah Biem as well as the Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly, Barr Emmanuel Ayua. Chief Dr Samuel Ortom was also in attendance. 
The funeral rites went well and the atmosphere was somber, devoid of rancor or partisanship. Several speakers spoke as the crowd listened with rapt attention.
The gubernatorial candidates were also given a chance to speak. Dr Ortom preceded me in speaking, and spoke as any responsible stakeholder in the Benue Project should. 
While recognizing the fact that the event was not one for politicking, he nonetheless reminded all that violence was not the path for any conscientious party man to tow and that the forthcoming elections should be devoid of hostility and fighting. 
He quoted copiously from the Bible and closed by saying power belongs to God and he giveth it to whosoever he pleases.
I spoke next. 
I started by acknowledging all guests and giving respect to my elder and fellow contestant (subject to judicial pronouncement) in next month’s guber election, Dr Ortom who had just spoken. I reminded the crowd that I had fine tuned my political dexterity under the tutelage of people like Higah Biem there and Ortom himself. 
While I also recognized that the burial itself was not a campaign podium, I resolved I had to leave the people of Gwer East with food for thought. I let the people know that it was not enough for a man to preach the bible, preach salvation and faith as even the Bible had said that faith without works is dead.
By preaching faith, you also had to show the works of faith by your conduct. If a man preached one mantra and manifested the direct opposite in his daily life, then all his admonitions on pious living hinged on hypocrisy.
If an elder could sit in the morning to agree on an issue and when it is evening, he says another, how then could the younger generation respect such an elder?
I agreed with Dr Ortom however that power belonged to God, and he gives it to whom he pleases. And the person who often pleases God is never the most qualified.
God Almighty often qualifies the unqualified, so while a few may be saying Tarzoor, is too ‘small’, too inexperienced or too young, this is the sort of case God often decides to make a testimony of.
While I forgot to tell the people that I serve a God who fetches water with the basket to disgrace the bucket, I nevertheless told the people that God will take charge of our affairs and give to Benue the man he knows will take Benue to the next level. I strongly believe I am that man.
I concluded by recalling, in the presence of Dr Ortom, a private discussion both of us had sometime last year, where one agreed to support the other if either of us emerged as the standard bearer at the PDP primaries.
He unequivocally stated that so long as I emerged, he would have no problem at all with the outcome of the primaries and would support me. He didnt stand by his word, and today, I asked, what has changed?
As I close though, I want to leave us with the immortal words of R. J Palacio, the American art director cum writer, “Courage, Friendship, Honor and Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.”
I don’t know about other politicians, but as for me and my supporters, these virtues are qualities we will all strive to imbibe and personify now and tomorrow in the lifespan of our Greater Benue movement.
Thank you.

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