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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Accident Along AYA Overhead Bridge Heading to Nyannyan Abuja - Graphic Pics

This accident occurred yesterday morning along the overhead bridge across AYA, the bus was heading towards Nyannyan, while the okada carrying 2 people was coming from Nyannyan, but using one-way (wrong direction). The bus dodged and lost control, knocking the Okada and the 3 persons down, they were still alive but were badly injured. 
Due to traffic congestion on the Karu-Nyannyan road, commuters usually engage the service of the banned Okada men to use one-way, against the traffic to drop them at AYA, where they find other vehicles. The reverse is what we see in the evenings. It is quite fast, but very dangerous. 
Road safety and the police should do something. 

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