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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Teenager Murdered by Three Boys She Met on Facebook


Do you know who your children are talking to on the social media? Do you take their phones or computer to check? Parents even if it means hacking into your wards social media accounts in-order to save them; do it. Another tragic story of a facebook date gone wrong.
Three Kansas City, Missouri teens have been arrested and charged with first degree murder for taking turns shooting a 14-year-old girl at a waterpark two weeks ago.
Alexis Kane, an eighth grader at Smith-Hale Middle School, met 17-year-old Issac M. “Malik” Carter on Facebook and decided to take a ride with him and his two friends, 17-year-old Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy, and 18-year-old Dominic “Nick” McDaniel.  Her friends told her not to get in the car, but since she did anyway, they decided to follow the vehicle, according to KCTV.  After a while, Alexis’ friends lost sight of the car, so they told her to turn on her cell phone’s location service in case she needed to be found.
Alexis and the three teens stopped at Grandview apartments, and then headed for The Bay Water Park.
The waterpark’s surveillance shows one of the boys striking Alexis in the face with a gun.  The other two pass the firearm to one another, taking turns shooting at Alexis several times.
Alexis’ lifeless body was found just outside the waterpark on Jan. 11. All three boys are charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. Each teen’s bond is expected to be set at $500,000.
“There is just no sense to this. I can’t give you a motive,” said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker during a press conference. “It’s senseless. A 14-year-old is no longer with us. I cannot give you a reason that makes any sense.”

Alexis’ mother, LoShonda Kane, said that her daughter did not deserve to be brutally murdered, and that although the killers are in custody, she still will not sleep well at night.  She also had a few valuable and cautionary words for other mothers.
“I ask all mothers please protect your children,” said Kane.
Kansas City police say that 100 local and federal officials teamed together to locate the suspects.  The first teen was captured on Sunday, and the others were found shortly after.

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