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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Follow up on APC, PDP Clash in Makurdi; APC Attacked Us First - Says PDP Loyalist - Photos

In my earlier report on the above subject matter, in case you missed it, read it here; I stated that the Makurdi attacks started on the 14th of February, 2015. I made my report due to personal findings; as I was unaware of the previous developments premeditating the Haf-Heaven attack.
According a source who does not want to be named;
"suspected APC thugs had on the 11th of   February, 2015 attacked “Pages Park” owned  by a PDP stalwart Mr. Jerome Zaye who also doubles as the President for the “Booth To Booth” Project, which is a sensitization group which offers support to all PDP candidates in Benue state; destroying posters, bill boards and parts of the park.
They came twice first about 1: 20am with bikes. When the security men guarding the park went after them they left and returned about 4am this time with vehicles and armed too they tried setting the Park ablaze before they were prevented by security men on duty. Howeve, many PDP posters and billboards were defaced and destroyed by the APC supporters. See pics attached
We also leant that the vehicles allegedly used during the attack on the “Page Park” and defacing of PDP posters and bill boards,  were traced by youths loyal to the PDP  to HAF heaven on February 14th , 2015 where hell was let loose. See the remaining story here
It is now clear that the Saturday February 14, 2015 APC attacks were supposedly reprisal attacks and not unprovoked as it seemed.
We will keep you updated as more facts emerges.
We only hope that the police will do the needful by safeguarding the lives and properties of citizens and bringing those miscreants to book.

Peace is priceless, Violence is destructive; let us give peace a chance. #VoteNotFight
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