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Thursday, 15 January 2015

South African Approves The First Nudist Beach

Trafalgar is the first beach on the KZN south coast which will allow nude bathing. It was approved by the council in October after the KZN Naturists Association and the SA Naturists Association put in an application.
nude beach, sometimes called a clothing-optional or free beach, is a beach where users are legally at liberty to be nude. Nude beaches usually have mixed bathing. As beaches are usually on public lands, any member of the public is entitled to use the facilities without membership in any movement or subscription to any philosophy.
Hibiscus Coast Municipality spokesman Simon April said laws will be strictly enforced at Trafalgar Beach.
April told Daily Sun a strict code of conduct will be enforced.
“People will not be allowed to stare at naked bathers. It is rude, whether you are wearing clothes or not,” he said.
“The same applies to dancing in a provocative manner, sitting on someone’s lap, swaying of the hips, touching genitals and open-mouth kissing.”
He said no photographs will be allowed without the consent of everybody in the shot. “Don’t try and persuade anyone! The first no is the final answer,” he said.
The official opening of the beach as nudist-friendly is expected before the Easter holidays, but April said people who swim naked before the official launch will not be prosecuted.
Not everyone is happy with the nudist-friendly beach. Traditional and religious leaders submitted petitions to the council. They want the decision to be reversed. 

Source: DailySunSA

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