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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

APC HOR Aspirant Uncovers Grand Conspiracy, Forgery; APC Senator's Domestic Staff Named HOR Candidate, Declared Dead But Still Alive

According to one of the aspirants for APC Makurdi/Guma Federal constituency, Hon. Franc Fag Utoo, he has uncovered a grand conspiracy and mandate theft orchestrated by APC Serving Senator. This is just one of the many Abrakadabra's APC Benue is experiencing.  He posted this message with the above attached picture; 

Candidacy for Makurdi / Guma Federal Constituency of Benue State. 
As we intensify the search for justice, it is becoming increasingly evident that so many acts of criminality were carried out to ensure that the voice of the majority of APC faithfuls of Makurdi / Guma made so loud during the December 7 primaries was silenced. 
The picture attached to this post is the INEC Form CF001 containing the particulars of the 'dummy' candidate of APC in a SWORN AFFIDAVIT, for an election won by me. The name, BULAUN PETERS T, and passport affixed to the form is that of an innocent Domestic staff in the Maitama residence of Senator Akume.
Now, it is clear that criminal conspiracy, forgery and perjury among other brazen acts were committed by the state party chairman, Abba Yaro and his fellow devil's advocates. This fraud must not go unpunished. Change we all believe in, and change we must get! But those who use CHANGE as a facade and turn its meaning upside down must be exposed!
This form was submitted to INEC on December 16 and the 'dummy' candidate's name was substituted two weeks later on INEC's dateline for Party's Substitution of Candidates via another SWORN AFFIDAVIT confirming his 'death'. In his place, a bigger fraud was contrived in the form of Dickson Tarkighir as replacement for the 'demised' BULAUN PETERS T . Both the 'dead' and the 'living' had no idea what it is like to contest the APC primaries for Makurdi / Guma Federal Constituency. They have been used to send a strong message to the mass of our people that they no longer matter. That #CHANGE is only used as a slogan by Benue APC to gain relevance and to hoodwink gullible minds.
Let it be made clear that we are in APC because of our strong conviction that the system needs to be overhauled. APC is not an individual, neither is it personified. We are the chance for the change. We are ready to make bigger sacrifices in the pursuit of justice and truth. Those who have denied others of their rights are on the wrong side of history. The law of nature will soon set in and the quantum of energy often used to perpetrate injustice shall soon diminish while the 'glory' achieved by them through deceit shall definitely cascade into the murky rivers of infamy.
This despicable act is pooh - poohed, remains pooh - poohed and will forever be pooh - poohed. The search for justice continues ...
"Because we have sought to cover up past evil, though it still persists, we have been powerless to check the new evil of today.
Evil unchecked grows, Evil tolerated poisons the whole system" - Jawaharlal Nehru (First Prime Minister of India)


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