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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hon. Ortom Response To Open Letter Written to Him By Emmanuel Ukera Esq

Chief Dr. Ortom
last week MandyGist posted an open letter written to Hon. Dr. Ortom by  Barrister Emmanuel Ukera, in case you missed it read it HERE. The letter  reached Hon. Ortom and here below is his response, through his Media Aide Tahav Agerzua. 
Bar Emmanuel Ukera 
Dear Barrister Emmanuel Ukera,
I wish to express appreciation to you for the unusual interest you’ve shown in the Ortom candidature and for finding time to write comprehensive letters on his emergence as governorship flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Benue State.
I also thank you for the many positive and kind words you’ve written about his person as well as handlers and for taking time to read my press releases on the project and those of others especially your learned colleagues, Barristers Shishi and Acka.
Many of the things you said concerning my write ups and the conduct of Chief Dr Ortom are also correct. But there are a few inaccuracies which I want to point out to you.
That the former Minister never complained about the conduct of the ward congresses unlike Senator Gemade and that in one of my releases I had said his concerns with regard to the exercise had been addressed by leaders of the party.
I’m aware that Chief Dr Ortom complained to Governor Suswam, PDP National Chairman, the Senate President and even wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan.
Permit me to quote from the release I wrote on his insistence on contesting the primaries on PDP platform.
“Chief Dr Ortom stated that he took the option following discussions with leaders of the party in the Presidency, the National Secretariat, as well as the Senate President, Senator David Mark and Governor Gabriel Suswam.
The former Minister stated that the leaders assured him that they would address his concerns and reservations and ensure that a level playing field was provided for all aspirants.
He stated that although several political parties had offered him alternative platforms he decided to contest the election in the PDP on account of his long standing contributions to the growth of the party, the various leadership roles it had given him, relationship with members, and the assurance he received from its leaders.”
The above clearly indicates that there were promises that were not subsequently delivered upon.
I crave your pardon if I have neither the stamina, nor ability to address all the issues you’ve raised such that my response would be as long or even longer than your letters for I don’t think I’m that endowed as the Ortom candidature has proved that we have one as mighty if not mightier in the art of letter writing than Apostle Paul amongst us. But permit me to state that the expression of gratitude to God, delegates and fellow aspirants did not amount to the acceptability of the primaries.
Be that as it may and since you read my piece on whether the cross carpet was a shameful act or deft move let me adopt the submission of my able brother, Terri Damsa, on the matter as my position on the issues you’ve raised with Chief Dr Ortom.
“Someone defines success as when preparation meets opportunity. In the private sector where I work, we are trained to create and leverage opportunities to achieve strategic business objectives. It is thus my well considered view that Ortom has done nothing shameful.
First, he did not initiate the amendment to the APC constitution that grants automatic waiver to new joiners. Second, he had no hand in the changes in the date for APC state congress. Third, he had nothing to do with the STU injunction. He also had nothing with the injunction obtained by Waku et al. Fifth, he has no power to appropriate the APC ticket to himself when he joined the APC.
 The APC leaders could have shut the door at his face. Sixth, he didnt write the constitutional provision on concensus candidate. Like the psalmist would say, Ortom’s lines only fell unto him in pleasant places.” Tahav Agerzua, Media Adviser, Ortom Governorship Organization.
Tahav Agerzua,
Media Adviser, Ortom Governorship Organization.

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