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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Benue APC Guber Controversy: Open Letter to Hon. Dr. Samuel Ortom - By Emmanuel Ukera Esq

Bar. Emmanuel Ukera Esq

With much controversy trailing the emergence of Dr. Ortom as the APC gubernatorial aspirant for Benue state; an aspiring Benue youth Bar. Emmanuel Ukera Esq has penciled down this open  letter to Hon. Dr. Ortom. 

The Open letter has raised a lot of  issues that can not be ignore. Find it here below; .

Dear Dr Ortom,
Many will expect me to commence this letter by congratulating you  over your APC guber ticket but since it is the  bone of contention in this letter, I will reserve my congratulations.  But if I must congratulate you, I will congratulate you  over your impressive and meritorious  representation of the good people Benue State ( Tiv in particular) in the  federal cabinet of president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR  and most recently your impressive showing at the recently concluded PDP primaries where you lost gallantly, clinching the third position. You are a strong and experienced politician and I believe that your sacrifices for the PDP will not be in vain (if yet to be  adequately rewarded).
Let me commence the substance of this letter  by telling you a story like prophet Nathan did when he went to deliver God's judgment on David after the latter converted Uriah's wife.  Mine is not a bible story but one of  Shakespeare's classic - Macbeth (or Tragedy of Macbeth), which you may well be aware of. It is one of the most didactic play depicting the tragedy  of an inordinate ambition. In this play, a brave Scottish army general,Macbeth is depicted as an anti-hero ( one without idealism, courage and morality). Going by the story, Macbeth's popularity in Scotland was legendary and it loomed  larger than that of the King of Scotland,  King Duncan. Macbeth was loved and praised by the low and the mighty. He earned the trust of the movers and shakers of Scotland ( the nobles). Lord Macbeth's sterling qualities were later put to test in his quest to become the King of Scotland.  It happened that he received a prophecy from a triumvirate of witches that ONE DAY he will become the King of Scotland.Sir, to cut the story short, Macbeth conspired with his wife, Lady Macbeth to hasten the realisation of this prophecy but with disastrous consequences.  He committed regicide and took over the throne. Fast forwarding - His reign of terror was later brought to a tragic end by Macdoff ( a man who was never bone of  a woman), and the throne restored to King Duncan's rightful heir, Malcom. Sir, Let me make it clear that I am not insinuating and I do not intend insinuate that there is a conspiracy between you and your beautiful spouse to push you beyound your limits in your governorship aspirations, niether is it my speculation that you are capable of murder like Macbeth just to be the governor of Benue State. Why I am telling you this story will become clear to you shortly.
Sir, I am telling you this story  because of  the similarities between the life of  Shakespeare's fictional  character, Macbeth and your humble self. Like Macbeth, your  popularity is looming larger than that of the incumbent governor; like Macbeth, you are  a man loved by both the low and mighty.Like Macbeth, you  have  earned the trust of the movers and shakers of Benue politics (notably GAD). Your life is quite inspiring to both the young and the old. Yours  is a  classic grass to grace story or rather garage to grace story - The Humble One . And like Macbeth, these admirable and sterling qualities of yours are  presently subjected to an "authencity test" because  of  your current  burning  ambition to become the next governor of Benue State come 2015.Perhaps, may be I should also add that like Macbeth , I learnt you recieved  a prophecy that you will ONE DAY become the governor of Benue State. I am afraid to say that like Macbeth your  ambition may be  star-crossed because of the  scandalous approach you have chosen to  realise this ambition. Sir,   I really desire that you and  your  diehard supporters should learn one or two lessons from the tragedy Macbeth hence my analogy.
Today when I saw  your  picture on Tarhav Agerzua's Facebook wall , I was shocked that  you were " proudly " displaying the APC ticket without qualms. You  were sandwitched between Hon Herman Hembe and my elder brother, Arc. Terwase Orbunde. Sir, to me it is a shameful travesty of the democratic process, particularly the party guber primaries. For a man whose love for God is well known and one who  fasted and prayed for a level playing field in the  recently concluded PDP guber primaries, I was terribly shocked that  you  had the audacity to sneak into the APC camp at the eleventh hour like a thief that commeth by night , trample on the heads of  other aspirants who have  been keeping vigil for the primaries to hold, and then grabbed  the coveted ticket and disappeared, leaving the other aspirants in anguish, pain, disillusion and lamentation!.Sir, there is no other way to prove your  determination to follow the tragic path to actualize this burning ambition of yours  than this picture and my wish is that this write up should speak  to your conscience and that of your  advisers.
Sir, even as many of your  fans are bound to do everything possible to justify this crass atrocity, I invite them to consider the lessons in the tragic end of Lord Macbeth. And for many of your admirers  who delight in using the name of God in pursuit of  vanity, they should retrace their steps to avoid the wrath of God. Sometimes when you decide to move faster than God's plan for your life , he will let you move so that you can  reach your tragic end. In the bible, when the Isrealites were desperate for a King , God warned them that because of their  desperation, He will give them a king that would subject them them to terror. Sir,  even if your  desire to be the governor is with the blessing of God, your failure  to  follow God's plan  and your  shady procurement of  APC guber ticket will only bring you  misery. Already, through this singular act, you have  squandered your  reputation as "The Humble One", "a Man of God", etc. Your  popularity rating is also down to a single digit rating by my estimation, and you  may be seen by many as a capricious politician and one not to be trusted, that is, one who demands for strict adherence to rules of the game and one who is prepared to accept victory arising from  a flawed process.
It is not late , sir. You can retrace your steps and allow God to use you.
Finally, pardon me for any vocabulary, expression or tone that you mind find offensive or disrespectful.  My only intention is to call your attention to the need to keep your reputation and allow God complete what he has started in you. By returning that certificate of  return to the APC and calling for primaries, you will gladden the heart of God and win many fans, who knows....
Remain blessed.

E. S Ukera Esq

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