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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Transgender ‘Toxic Tush Doctor’ Who Injected Women With Super Glue and Tire Sealant Facing Up to 100 Years in Prison

Morris now faces seven counts of practicing health care without a licence as well as one count of manslaughterOneal Ron Morris earned herself the nickname ‘toxic tush doctor’
A transgender woman known as 'The Duchess' who performed illegal cosmetic surgery on women's buttocks could face up to a 100 years in prison if she is convicted of manslaughter.

Oneal Ron Morris, 33, is accused of leaving women ill and disfigured after she injected them with a mixture of substances including cement, bathroom caulk, tire sealant and Super Glue, at homes in Florida.

The most serious charge faced by Morris is manslaughter, after one of her 'patients' died from acute and chronic respiratory failure caused by the silicone used in the illegal surgery.  

Morris - who earned herself the nickname ‘toxic tush doctor’ - now faces seven counts of practicing health care without a licence as well as one count of manslaughter, the Sun Sentinel reports. If convicted of all charges and sentenced consecutively, she faces up to 100 years behind bars.
Shatarka Nuby, 31, who paid Morris $2,000 for as many as 10 injections, died in 2012 while serving a prison sentence for using fraudulent credit cards.
Before she died, the mother wrote to the Florida Department of Health complaining about her severe medical problems, including the hardening and discoloration of her buttocks. 
Morris was arrested in 2011 for practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury after a patient complained the bogus doctor pumped tire sealant into her rear. 
Police say that up to 30 people from across the United States came forward with claims they were scammed by the bogus doctor after her arrest. 
Shaquanda Brown, of North Miami, told the Miami Herald she had to be hospitalized for over a month after receiving the injections, and then continued to suffer from sickness. She said she recalled seeing a tube of Super Glue, a black hose and a syringe but she said Morris instructed her not to look so she continued to lay face down.
She also said she remembered seeing Morris squeezing Super Glue onto gauze and placing the tape on the site of each injection, but the procedure stopped before she receive all of them, because they were so painful.

Source: DailyMail

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