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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

He Attempted Suicide in Jail: Find the Suicide Note Of US Martial Artist and Porn Star War Machine, Awaiting Trial In For beating His Ex-girlfriend Almost to Death

US professional Mixed Martial artist and porn star War Machine, who is in jail awaiting trial for beating his ex-girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack almost to death, wrote a suicide note before trying to hang himself in his Las Vegas cell last week.

Fortunately for him, his suicide was foiled by a corrections officer who was walking by his cell. According to TMZ, the officer saw him sitting on the ground with his feet up on the bunk bed, a piece of linen around his neck which was tied to the leg of the bed and his face was purple. The officer cut the linen, removed it and saved his life. War Machine is currently in a medical isolation cell on suicide watch.

Corrections officers saw a suicide note in War Machine's cell and for some reason, TMZ got a copy of it. In it, he talks about the night he attacked his girlfriend after finding out she'd been unfaithful, and a whole lot of creepy stuff. See the suicide note after the cut...

War Machine is still facing 32 charges - including attempted murder and rape, while he waits behind bars.
 Christy after she was attacked...
 Christy pictured last week...recovering from the brutal attack

Source: TMZ

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