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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What To Wear To Get A Second Date: I have 10 Hot Outfit Ideas

You have a date. First of all congratulate yourself on your active romantic life. Panic about what to wear. If this process sounds familiar, I sympathize with you and i hope this helps. While date night dressing may seem complicated, I believe It’s all about striking the right balance. Crafting the perfect date night look boils down to one tenet: balance. Not too sexy, not too sweet; not too revealing, not too covered up.  

Ooh how I love paneled dresses, I love my sister Taren Butu; she goes all-bold.... you can try her  bold colour blocking and you will never regret it.  So much ♥ for the Blue and Yellow. 

My friend Cleo, the South African model sure knows what to wear at the right occasion, her outfit above "Figure hugging mini front Strip red dress" will be perfect for a date night. #Wink expect a jaw dropping expression from your date when you pull this off. Don't be afraid to show off your sexy legs. 

How To Wear Summer Neutrals #fashion

If you’re ever completely stumped on what to wear, fall back on the trusty combination of a flirty mini skirt and a neck-line studded top. The look is alluring, and wholly perfect.

Adorable. So adorable.

Paneled Dresses Are Your Friend  as We aren't all blessed with hourglass figures, but thanks to side-paneled dresses we can at least fake it. You can pair it with a belt or ditch the belt if you have a big tummy. Did you notice how the print  frock creates the appearance of curves? A pair of Prada 

platform heels will do justice. You can remove the jacket if you wish. 

White Blazer, Yellow Top, Jeans

Combine a white Blazer, yellow Top and a pair of relaxed folded Jeans, in other not to be too dressy.... but classy, pair it with pumps and you can either use a normal hand bag like the one in the picture or a smaller sling, a clutch can can go with it as well. 

Perfect for a night out!

Look super sexy in a shimmering glittering shorts, to make it look descent and sexy, pair it with nude loubis or a black one, complete the look with clutch bag, but make sure you shirt is a bit casual and you can achieve that by loosing some buttons. Blings accessories makes you stand out.... So don't forget that sparkling bracelet.  

yes, another going out outfit. Super cute for date night or girls night out. For curvy girls even better, can show off your figure with use of the belt. If you hate your tummy, ditch the belt

Another super cute date night outfit. This is just fabulous for date night or girls night out. For curvy girls even better, can show off your figure with use of the belt. If you hate your tummy, ditch the belt.

Whitney Port

Black doesn't have to be boring when paired rightly, you can give your black ensemble a date-appropriate spin or that magical spin with skinny leather pants and lace-up stilettos.  

Great date night outfit!  Neutral & sparkles!

Great date night outfit! Neutral & sparkles!

cute date night outfit.

Lovely but playful date night outfit! Skinny pant and the blue armless 

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