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Monday, 1 September 2014

Super Eagle Player Emmanuel Emenike in 30Million Naira Land Dispute with Enugu State Government

Emmanuel Emenike Emmanuel Emenike of Nigeria poses prior the 2013 African Cup of Nations Semi-Final match between Mali and Nigeria at Moses Mahbida Stadium on February 06, 2013 in Durban, South Africa.
Nigeria World Cup star, Emmanuel Emenike is up in arms with the Enugu State Government over 13 plots of land worth 30 million Naira (about $180,000), which he bought to build a sports academy in Enugu.
Soldiers had allegedly invaded the property and pre vented any work on it, the Fenerbache star exclusively told
A bitter Emenike said he bought the 13 plots of land after the World Cup in Brazil through a top official of Enugu State Government, who had since handed him all the documents.
He further narrated: “I worked hard to make my money, I know what I pass through on the pitch before I earn my living and it will be unfair if what am hearing about my land in Enugu State was true.
“I visit Enugu whenever I come to Nigeria, my friends stay there, as well as some of my family members. And I am the kind of person who allows for advise. Even before now, I had a dream to own an academy not only in Nigeria but I believe in the saying that, ‘charity begins at home.’
“About three, four months ago, I acquired 13 plots of land in Enugu State through a government official. When I was given the documents, nobody told me there was any problem on the land. He gave me all the necessary docu ments in my name after payment.
“I then directed that work should commence immedi ately, but the state government directed soldiers to stop anybody from working there.”
He added: “I don’t want to believe that this is fraud. I am ready to fight it all.
“I have called some top government officials in Enugu, but all of them are not trying to be sincere. They could not help because I understand the order came from above.
“Nobody is trying to be sincere and as a matter of fact, I want my money back. I am very depressed that there is no confidence in investing in my country. I just don’t understand the pranks.”
“Right from time, I don’t like going through govern ment for anything. I prefer to do it with my money and I see no reason why my property will be held back by government.”
Emenike told he had tried to get land in Imo State, but the government refused him and so he opted to do it elsewhere

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