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Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Senior Italian Politician Who Compared Italy’s First Black Minister to an Ape Claims He is Now Under Siege From Vengeful African Spirits.

Roberto Calderoli 
Deputy Senate Speaker Roberto Calderoli invited backlash when he said the then Integration Minister, Congolese-born Cécile Kyenge, resembled an ape. He issued only an insipid apology, however, and has refused to resign.
Cécile Kyenge

But today it has emerged that he is also taking mystical advice, after claiming video evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo shows that Ms Kyenge’s father, a tribal leader, has put a “macumba” – an African curse – on him as punishment for the insult.

Several misfortunes have befallen him after the comment – six surgical interventions (two live-saving), the death of his mother, fractured bones and, just last week, the discovery of a 6ft snake in the kitchen of his house – Mr Calderoli is in no doubt about the magical nature of the threat, and has consulted a mystic. Oggi magazine last year filmed Ms Kyenge’s father, leading a ceremony in the village of Katanga, in the DRC, in which he prayed to God for the racist politician to repent. A portion of the video saw Mr Kyenge place a photo of the Deputy Senate Speaker on an enclosed termite mound, while seeking to communicate with the spirits of the elders.
Mr Calderoli said: “The photos and the video were unsettling. They put a picture of me in the middle of a termite mound. That is not a friendly message.”

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