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Monday, 11 August 2014

Spanish Priest With Ebola Treated With Experimental Serum, Zmapp; Yet Africans suffering Same are not Qualified for Zmapp

The 75 year old Spanish priest who was infected with the Ebola virus in Liberia is being treated with the new experimental drug, Zmapp, which was used to treat two US missionary doctors infected with the virus.

The Spanish government claimed yesterday that the drug was imported from Geneva and doctors have begun to administer it on Fr. Miguel Pajares at Madrid’s La Paz-Carlos III hospital where he is in isolation.

The first person to be treated with the serum, Dr. Kent Brantly, saw his condition improve after being given Zmapp.

Since his treatment began, Fr. Pajares is said to be in stable condition, no longer has fever, and hasn't any hemorrhaging. Doctors believe that his condition will greatly improve in the coming days.

So Africans are not qualified to be saved with this drug? Obama you are an African too hmmmm!! Diaris God o.....

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