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Friday, 8 August 2014

EbolaOutBreak: The "SALT BATH NIGHT"

At the early hours of today, precisely 4:01am my phone rang, I woke up confused, with my sleepy eyes i picked my phone, to my dismay,  my younger sister was the one calling, in her panicking tone, she asked me to wake up quickly and boil water, add salt to it and back my self, my son and my girl. I said to myself, salt doesn't hurt so let me do it quickly before it might be too late, before I turned on the heater, my Uncle called from Makurdi at about 4: 23am, then my father's call at about 4:32am..... and the calls kept coming. 

Finally I was decked in hot salted water, I emerge from it feeling like a survivor. So now that my entire househood is salted; what next! 

Did you bath in hot, Salted water today or not? Drop a comment with your experience.

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