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Monday, 21 July 2014

Political Permutations & Power of Incumbency as The Battle for PDP Gubernatorial Ticket Hot’s Up In Benue State.
The Tor Tiv Blessed 4
It is no longer news that 2015 is near and politicians are beginning to strategize for the upcoming general election. On the ordinarily I have purposely not been blogging much about the Benue State gubernatorial race (The reason is reserve for another day).

Today I would like us to engage our mind to the PDP gubernatorial ticket. Although the gubernatorial list of aspirant under PDP is much, I hope I’ll be able to list all in no specific order. They include;

Hon. Samuel Ortom – Minister State Trade and Industry/ Supervisory Minister of Aviation, Michael Aondoakaa (SAN) – Fmr. Attorney General of the federation, former registrar of COREN, Felix Atume, permanent secretary of internal affairs, Hinga Biem, former speakers of Benue State House of Assembly, Terhemen Tarzoor, Alex Adum, Peter Chieshe and David Iorhemba, as well as permanent secretary of local government pensions, Andy Uwouku among others.

A week ago we heard about the Tor Tiv blessing 4 selected governorship candidates, the criteria to which some of us are oblivious of, although that is not my main concern, it will be fare if the criteria used can be made known to the electorate, since we are practicing democracy and not SELECTOCRACY hehehehe that is if such word exist.

 The reality is on ground is that; the battle for the PDP ticket is between Hon. Ortom Vs the other PDP aspirants! I know this will sound familiar to many but strange to others.

It is glaring that among the PDP gubernatorial hopefuls Hon. Samuel Ortom’s experience in politics and his current status as the minister has given him an edge over all the other aspirants, that is not to say he will find it easy getting the ticket, even though we all know he has the backing from Aso Rock/PDP National secretariat(deny it at your peril). It is also evident that Hon. Ortom does not enjoy much love from the current governor Gabriel Suswam, even though they might not be fighting on pages of papers, Dr. Ortom’s loyalty to Senator George Akume (The former governor) we hear is the reason behind the strained relationship.  No one can dispute  the ability of the governor to make it possible or impossible for Hon. Ortom to clinch the Mega ticket, believed to be one way ticket to Benue State Government House come 2015.

Come to think of it; do Benue people think the incumbent will hand over power to a person that will out-do him? I doubt.

Some may ask, how can he achieve this when hon. Ortom has the backing from OGA AT THE TOP?
Simple, in case the primary will done by the normal voting; the votes will definitely be shared among the many aspirants, living no single aspirant with the majority votes needed to win the ticket. In such scenario, the other candidates will liaise together and give their votes to any of the other candidate other than Hon. Ortom as instructed by oga at home, can the PDP upturn such victory? No I do not think so, because of the obvious reasons (Ameachi’s vs Celestine Omehia case in River State on my mind). The worst part is that, Hon. Ortom has been an obedient and loyal PDP member, having held different positions at the state and the nation secretariat of the party and currently a minister, I doubt if he will dump the PDP to any other party to achieve his ambition.

To confirm my fear for Hon. Ortom’s; on Saturday (July 19th, 2014) governor Suswam was on NTA where he said that "Mr. President is a democrat and he (Suswam) doesn’t believe in 'Abuja has anointed this person” he went further and say that anyone coming from Abuja should be ready to tell the people what he has”. Prompting me to ask almost immediately, wasn’t he too from Abuja too? Hehehehe but hey that is not my point. Another question that quickly came to my mind was, who is this ABUJA ANOINTED? The answer is also obvious…..

In conclusion, no one should under estimate the power of the incumbency at the PDP gubernatorial primaries, although I am not under-estimating the power or Ortom/Aso-Rock/PDP National Secretariat. Hehehehe, a file can be submitted to EFCC and the rest will go smoothly #Wink don’t say I told you.

I hope I made some sense, let’s talk about it.

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