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Monday, 21 July 2014

Graphic pics: Female Ritualist Caught With Decomposing Body Of a 3yr Old Boy in Lagos

Our neighbourhoods and street are becoming more dangerous everyday, Parents please, always look out for your children.. Yesterday in Lagos the woman pictured above, pretending to be a mad woman, was caught on the Mile 2 Bridge in Lagos with the decomposing body of a 3 year old boy. A police officer who saw her dragging the blue Ghana Must Go bag (pictured), stopped her to search the bag and inside it he discovered the boy's corpse and a lot of charms.

She was immediately arrested and taken away. When you continue, you will see pics of the dead little boy. If you don't have the heart, don't look. It's truly heartbreaking. That's someone child!.  BEWARE they are so many ritualist moving around.... Never let your child out of sight. 

Here's a pic of the police officer who caught the woman...

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