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Monday, 7 July 2014

10 Reasons Why it’s Smart To Date A Single Mom

Mother and son portrait.
Just because she has a child does not make her the wrong woman for you. I have here some reasons why you should try dating single mom: ...
  1. She’ll be great for you, as she knows how to handle a kid, and men are all just overgrown kids.
  2. She has no time for games! A good woman takes relationships very seriously. She is not willing to introduce pretenders to her child/children.
  3. Single moms are easy to please. Time away or a personal treat (such as a manicure or massage) goes along way. #Wink.
  4. She’s practical. She really doesn’t have time to be a diva or be high maintenance. She is simple but classy. 
  5. She’s pretty much past being a party girl. Though she still likes to have fun, but she is definitely more responsible.
  6. She’ll provide you with an excuse to play! You get to play endless games with her tike, go to the park and do goofy things.
  7. She can cook. It might only be hot dogs, Indomie and macaroni and cheese, but what guy doesn’t dig that! 
  8. She knows how to make the best of a situation. Having a kid means last-minute changes happen all the time and she can handle it.
  9. She can do it all – after all, she’s taking care of two people! She will definitely appreciate any acts of kindness or relief.
  10. She understands pure love and sacrifice. 

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